The #Cloud Security Problem -- Many Talk but Few Take Action

CLEVELAND, Sept. 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Many companies large and small have migrated to the cloud, and several more are preparing to make the move. As businesses become comfortable with moving data and cannibalizing their IT departments, a certain level of uncertainty arises when it comes to security.

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Right now, many organizations are talking about it, but few are taking action.

SecureState, a management consulting firm specializing in information security, recently addressed this issue with a large client, and are sharing the findings in an upcoming webinar.

"One of our biggest clients wanted to find out if there was a way they could safely move their systems to the cloud," Matthew Neely, SecureState Director of Strategic Initiatives said.  "After reviewing their goals, we performed a series of applicable assessments, which helped us create a plan for the move." 

Once the new environment was built a penetration test ensured the plan was implemented properly. The result was a safe migration to the cloud, and adoption of a continuous compliance program, which relies on ongoing assessments and strategic planning to maintain security.

"Our research shows that less than 10 percent of our clients are discussing cloud security," Stephen Marchewitz, SecureState President said. "However, that number increased over last year by eight percent, so this is a challenge businesses will have to meet."

With a myriad of issues, navigating the move can be remarkably difficult, and no security framework has emerged as the clear leader due to the size and complexity of each. So often, Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and Chief Security Officers (CSOs) don't know where to begin; or do not have enough people to be successful.

Organizations can overcome this by working with advisors who provide vendor natural advice.  

"Look for a company that doesn't sell or promote a specific cloud service provider so you get objective advice," Neely said. "Second, look for companies with a strong track record in information security who have already performed work on cloud systems."

The path of securely migrating IT systems to the cloud can be difficult. With careful planning and the help of objective industry experts, organizations can avoid security pitfalls while enabling the business to benefit from new technology.

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