cVidya gives CFOs New Insights into Profits

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  • June 7, 2013 1:51 PM BST

cVidya gives CFOs New Insights into Profits

cVidya Insight™ analytical tool will enable service providers to maximize profits from LTE

London, May 7, 2013 – At the TM Forum in Nice, cVidya Networks, a leading provider of Revenue Analytics solutions for communications and digital service providers, will unveil a powerful analytical tool that enables finance departments to maximize the profits generated by new services, such as LTE.

By revealing the actual profitability of new services in real-time, cVidya Insight™ goes beyond existing Revenue Assurance, risk and fraud solutions to provide finance departments with actionable insights into the performance of their business. A communications or digital service provider can use this information to implement the relevant processes to prevent revenue leakage, adjust tariff plans, target specific customers with new offers or take other steps to improve margins.

For example, the cVidya Insight dashboards can flag which LTE sub-services are generating low margins and the impact of OTT applications on profitability. The software can also identify which customers are taking unfair advantage of their price plans and should have their bandwidth reduced or be offered alternative price plans. As well as verifying billing and settlement, the dashboards will warn of high exposure levels, due to a lack of Revenue Assurance processes, on the LTE line of business.

cVidya, which has more than 150 customers worldwide, is using its extensive experience to also develop other pre-defined use cases for cVidya Insight, which can combine information from an array of external and internal sources, including existing Revenue Assurance, Risk and Fraud Management solutions from both cVidya and its competitors. 

“As our installed solutions already process 55 trillion transactions per year, drawing on various data sources, systems and formats, cVidya has considerable expertise in putting big data to work,” said Amit Daniel, EVP Marketing and Business Development of cVidya Networks. “The pre-defined LTE use case we will be demonstrating in Nice is a compelling and concrete example of how cVidya Insight can distill valuable insights from multiple sources of data and give CFOs a much greater understanding of the impact of new services on revenue and profitability.”

cVidya will demonstrate pre-defined LTE use cases for cVidya Insight at booth #7 of the TM Forum Nice.     

Click here to view cVidya Insight sample screens. 

About cVidya Networks

cVidya Networks is a leading supplier of Revenue Analytics solutions to communications and digital service providers around the world. cVidya provides operators with a complete solution, encompassing a big data technology platform and analytical applications designed to optimize profits and support operational and strategic decisions. 

 cVidya’s Business Protection offering, which supports Risk Management, Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management, enables service providers to quickly identify and prevent risks. Its Business Growth offering, which encompasses Marketing Analytics and Sales Performance Management, enables service providers to analyze marketing efforts, revenues and margins, and to deliver the right offers to the right customers at the right time.

cVidya has achieved rapid ROI for more than 150 customers globally, including British Telecom, Telefonica Group, Vodafone, AT&T, MTN and DTAG.

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