Chunghwa Telecom Reports 2016 Guidance

TAIPEI, Taiwan, Jan. 27, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd. (TAIEX: 2412, NYSE: CHT) ("Chunghwa" or "the Company") today reported its guidance for 2016 on a consolidated basis. All figures were prepared in accordance with Taiwan-International Financial Reporting Standards ("T-IFRSs").

Dr. Rick L. Tsai, Chairman and CEO of Chunghwa Telecom stated, "We are pleased to report impressive operating results for 2015. We will continue to strive to further enhance our performance in future periods. Entering into 2016, we will continue focusing on 4G, value-added and ICT services. We expect to add 2 million additional 4G subscribers and expand our ICT business by leveraging our advantages as an integrated telecom service provider. With our comprehensive network infrastructure, marketing resources and R&D capacity, we are confident that we will continue to maintain our leading market position in all our major businesses and boost growth momentum in 2016."

For 2016, the Company expects total revenue to increase by NT$1.70 billion, or 0.7%, to NT$233.49 billion as compared to the un-audited consolidated revenue for 2015. Expected increases in revenue are due to the on-going growth of mobile Internet and mobile value-added customers, expansion of the ICT business and continual migration of fixed broadband customers. Increased revenue contribution from these growing businesses is expected to offset the projected decrease in voice service revenue attributed to VoIP substitution and market competition.

Operating costs and expenses for 2016 are expected to increase by NT$4.23 billion, or 2.3%, to NT$185.53 billion as compared to the prior year.  Expenses associated with expanding mobile Internet services, ICT projects and value-added services are expected to increase. Amortization expenses primarily resulting from the 4G license acquisition are also expected to increase.

Income from operations is expected to decrease by NT$ 2.64 billion, or 5.2%, year-over-year. Non-operating income is expected to decrease by NT$0.51 billion year-over-year mainly due to declines in investment income under the equity method and other income. Income before income tax and net income attributable to stockholders of the parent are expected to be NT$48.84 billion and NT$39.98 billion, respectively, representing decreases of NT$3.15 billion and NT$2.84 billion, respectively. Earnings per share for 2016 is expected to decrease by NT$0.37 to NT$5.15, as compared to the prior year.

Acquisition for property, plant and equipment in 2016, including the 2015 deferred projects, is expected to increase by NT$5.55 billion to NT$30.63 billion as compared to the prior year. However, due to the Company's acquisition of the 2500MHz/2600MHz frequency band license at the cost of NT$9.96 billion in 2015, total spending in 2016 for acquisitions of material assets is expected to be NT$4.44 billion lower than that in 2015. 

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Non-operating Income





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Acquisition of Material Assets





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In managing the Company's business, Chunghwa Telecom relies on EBITDA as a means of assessing its operating performance because it excludes the effect of (i) depreciation and amortization, which represents a non-cash charge to earnings, (ii) certain financing costs, which are significantly affected by external factors, including interest rates, foreign currency exchange rates and inflation rates, which have little or no bearing on our operating performance, (iii) income tax (iv) other expenses or income not related to the operation of the business. 


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