MediaCore turns 10 - Speedflow celebrates with a game!

A special occasion is celebrated at the Speedflow Headquarters as one of our first and longest standing products on the market, MediaCore, achieves an exciting milestone - a decade of providing reliable services for VoIP and SMS traffic. Because of the significance of this birthday there is a game attached which will give a chance to any new user to get a taste of MediaCore at amazing rates. 

"MediaCore 10" is a game where you get a set of 10 questions. Even a single answer already means you are a winner, but you might want to continue as every question you get correct means an even better rate for you. A perfect 10 means a grand 60% discount. As this is a birthday and not a school test, all answers are in plain sight on our website. No time limit for the quiz but your answers have to be submitted by the end of January. 

Ready to play? Go to and enjoy your time!