Vyke Launches Seedrs Crowdfunding Campaign to Help Revolutionise Mobile Voice Calling

  • Posted by Real Wire
  • January 12, 2016 11:37 AM GMT

Over £250k of the £800k target already raised

London, 12th January 2016: Vyke (www.vyke.com) today announced a crowdfunding campaign with Seedrs (www.Seedrs.com/vyke) to raise £800,000 to help launch its new platform that will revolutionise voice calling in the same way that WhatsApp re-invented messaging.

The Seedrs campaign will allow Vyke to change how people use mobile voice communications. The new Vyke platform will allow users to create up to four additional mobile phone numbers with free peer-to-peer chat and calling features. Users will be able to create new personas and profiles for voice calls in the same way that they already instinctively do on email or social platforms.

“Our new platform will make a huge difference to users. This is why we have turned to the crowd and selected Seedrs as our funding platform,” said Rolf Larsen, Chairman of Vyke. “Seedrs has an excellent track record of raising investment capital through crowdfunding. This, combined with the powerful offering of our platform means that we’re very confident that we’ll hit our funding target - in fact we’ve already attracted over £250,000 of Seedrs investment.”

Vyke’s new platform will provide both inbound and outbound calling from different mobile numbers from the same device, opening up a huge new addressable market for the company and revolutionising the way voice calling is used.

“Mobile network operator services have not kept pace with either smartphone innovation or lifestyle changes. They can still only give you one number for your phone. Yet users don’t only have one persona, we manage our lives with many different email addresses and social profiles,” said Mark Egginton, CEO of Vyke.

“Users currently have to suffer an inadequate experience, or create their own work around - such as carrying multiple phones. The new Vyke platform will deliver the innovation sadly lacking in mobile operators.”

Vyke is an OTT (“Over the Top”) mobile VoiP provider. Users can access Vyke using Wi-Fi or mobile operator provided mobile data. The Vyke app is free to download and users in most supported markets will receive their first additional mobile number completely free of charge.

Vyke will appeal to a broad range of smartphone users:

    Domestic callers can now create numbers to help manage their mobile lives, all the time protecting the identity of their main SIM number. Ideal for separating work and personal calls, dating or selling used items online. Numbers can be deleted when no longer needed.
    Work and personal device users can now consolidate different mobile numbers into one device. No more heavy pockets, or multiple contracts. Existing numbers can be ported to Vyke.
    International travellers can make and receive calls over data when abroad, avoiding costly call roaming fees and high call rates.

To invest in Vyke’s new revolutionary platform visit: Seedrs/Vyke