Genesis Technical Systems technology will address the need for improved broadband coverage in North America

  • Posted by Real Wire
  • January 7, 2016 12:13 PM GMT

Tom Simpson, CTO of leading North American operator Cincinnati Bell, will take an advisory role with the organisation


Coventry and Canada, UK – 7 January 2016 – Genesis Technical Systems has today announced that Tom Simpson, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Cincinnati Bell, will take an advisory role with the business and assist with the formation of a Consortium of North American operators to address the requirement for improved broadband across America with solutions offered by Genesis Technical Systems.


Following the recent announcement by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to change the definition of broadband, to increase the threshold speed, operators across America are being forced to consider infrastructure developments to deliver the massive increases in bandwidth demand.


The new definition of broadband has seen the minimum standard raised from 4 Mb/s to 25 Mb/s for downloads and 1 Mb/s to 3 Mb/s for uploads. Under this new definition 55 million people across North America (17% of the population) lack access to broadband services and as a result, there is an immediate requirement for the introduction of new technologies that allow existing networks to be upgraded. The ability to deploy technologies that enable these thresholds to be met without the huge upfront costs of replacing the existing infrastructure with Fibre to the Home, is a significant step forward for Telcos.


“I’m enormously excited to be working with Genesis and helping with the formation of the Consortium. I’ve already started to reach out to my CTO counterparts in other North American operators to introduce them to the ground-breaking technology offered by Genesis,” said Tom Simpson, CTO of Cincinnati Bell. “Having had first hand view of the technology, I have no doubt that it provides the perfect solution to address the urgent need for consistent access to high speed broadband right across North America.”


Technology from Genesis Technical Systems addresses copper access solutions in the last mile for residential and business customers. The multi-award winning DSL Rings can give customers twenty times their current bandwidth – up to 400 Mb/s over existing copper wires, delivering affordable superfast broadband at a fraction of the price of Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH).


DSL Rings is composed of a Convergence Node (CN) on the physical network; a Home Gateway (HGW) in each house; and Exchange Gateway Software, which monitors all of the rings deployed across the network, which is installed at the local exchange. With a full set of tools embedded into the software including network management systems, provisioning and auto-heating functions, operators are able to deliver superfast broadband over the existing copper telephone wires at the speeds expected by the new definition of broadband.


“With 55 million homes not meeting the new broadband criteria, operators need to seriously consider new technologies that allow them to deliver these increased speeds, particularly in remote areas,” said Stephen Cooke, President and CTO of Genesis Technical Systems.


“The feedback that we have received on DSL Rings has been tremendous and we are looking forward to working with Tom to help operators across North America meet the increased bandwidth demands.”