The State of Fintech Investment in Africa

  • Posted by Arielle Jaffe
  • December 21, 2015 7:28 PM GMT

Global investment in financial technology continues to increase exponentially, confirming that “fintech” is on the rise. While the majority of funding has been dolled out to North America and Europe, the most unmet need for innovative digital financial services lies in emerging markets. The bottom of the pyramind (BoP) in regions like Sub-Saharan Africa lacks access to traditional financial services, making consumers more open to new technologies. Many fair-weather investors are reticent to engage entrepreneurs targeting the poorest members of the population, which in turn, creates more value for those who do invest. Beyond the BoP, Africa’s economic growth, increasing middle-class and Internet penetration makes her a worthy candidate for investment. Contrary to the prevailing opportunity, less than 1% of private equity and venture capital funding went to Africa in 2015.


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