Astellia and Bouygues Telecom strengthen partnership with collaboration on radio optimization

  • Posted by Esther Duval
  • December 9, 2015 10:24 AM GMT

Rennes, France, December 8th 2015 - Astellia, leading provider of network and subscriber intelligence for mobile operators, affirmed today its position as preferred vendor for network optimization by performing successful, in-depth radio optimization campaigns for Bouygues Telecom, France.

Astellia’s monitoring solution is already deployed on Bouygues Telecom’s 2G, 3G and 4G networks and analyzes network performance from RAN to Core. Astellia now further strengthens its partnership with Bouygues Telecom by performing well targeted radio optimization campaigns.

Astellia’s highly skilled radio experts analyzed the activity of more than 2 million subscribers to optimize RF coverage & quality of Bouygues Telecom’s 2G and 3G networks in Paris. Astellia’s radio optimization activities focused on the detection of cell overshooting, crossed sectors, PSC/BSIC clashes. Reducing the need for costly drive tests, Astellia pinpointed coverage holes, traffic hotspots and detected bad RF conditions.

“We are continually working to provide the best experience to our customers. With Astellia we have seen important improvements in our network and Parisians now clearly benefit from even better services. As a next step, we will work together with Astellia to enhance the performance and reliability of our 4G network in Paris area.” confirms Xavier Pavoux, Radio Engineering Manager at Bouygues Telecom.

“The Radio Access Network remains the biggest influencer of subscriber experience. We will therefore continue to make every effort to optimize the RAN and enhance the customer experience of Bouygues Telecom’s subscribers.” comments Sebastien Schultz, Managing Director Europe at Astellia.