WiFi SPARK’s value added service wrapper pushes WiFi businesses intelligence to the forefront

  • Posted by Real Wire
  • December 8, 2015 12:06 PM GMT

December 8th 2015: Whether you have WiFi or not, you may be wondering how it can add value to your business. WiFi SPARK tells us how.

Questions usually arise from business owners and marketeers when they consider WiFi services. These can include; “Who is responsible for the service?”, “Who manages it and how?” “Is it expensive?” Above all, the biggest question is “What else can WiFi do for my business?”

Guest WiFi should be seen as a marketing tool. As well as offering internet access, the SPARK® Platform creates real value for venues and real ROI, with the services that go over and above the infrastructure.

What the SPARK® Platform can do to add value

1. Entice visitors through the door and encourage them to return
2. Generate revenue through targeted advertising
3. Personally greet users on returning visits as well as after first registration
4. Advertise, expose and promote news or business
5. Offer free and premium WiFi access with revenue share
6. Provide data collection and business intelligence
7. Analyse footfall
8. Integrate with your App, CRM and CMS systems
9. Push your brand in front of the right audience
10. Increase your business’ social following

All of this is possible through the User Experience Portal. This is the most powerful weapon in the marketing arsenal and the point at which all value flows through. WiFi is less being seen now as a gateway to the internet and more as an engagement portal where the business or venues can interact personally with their users and build loyalty.

Many organisations have already partnered with WiFi SPARK to offer this level of technology. Town centres, shopping centres, the NHS, airports and rail operators are ahead of the WiFi game, delivering high quality enterprise solutions with the SPARK® platform and achieving outstanding return on investment.