Openet Awarded 2015 Stratecast | Frost & Sullivan Global Technology Innovation Award for CSP Billing

  • Posted by Real Wire
  • November 12, 2015 11:02 AM GMT

Openet solutions for the CSP marketplace described as “visionary”

DUBLIN, Ireland – November 12, 2015 – Openet, a global leader in the supply of real-time BSS (business support systems), today announced that it has been awarded the 2015 Stratecast | Frost & Sullivan Global Technology Innovation Award in CSP Billing. This award recognises Openet’s ability to help CSPs understand and engage with their customer base, and also to directly monetize that understanding and engagement.

The award highlights Openet’s innovation in delivering solutions combining mediation and real-time rating & charging functions with customer usage analysis, enabling CSPs to monetize insights into their customer’s behaviour through smarter customer engagement.

As part of the process, Stratecast | Frost & Sullivan interviewed and examined the technological innovations of more than 100 suppliers covering the end-to-end CSP billing marketplace. The Global Technology Innovation Award for CSP Billing is judged based on ten criteria; five associated with technology attributes and five centred on future business value. Openet achieved high marks across both sections of the technology attributes and future business value scorecard.

As an example of innovation, Openet’s Real-Time Offer Manager solution (RTOM) was highlighted in the report. Stratecast | Frost & Sullivan described RTOM as “one concrete example of Openet's approach to a new way of helping its CSP customers find additional revenue streams by offering differentiated services in otherwise cost-competitive markets”.

Openet’s diversity of solutions was also praised, with the Award particularly highlighting the company’s Audience Measurement Solution, which helps operators better understand broadcast-specific customer behaviour. The solution uses customer usage patterns to improve video content matching and advertising focus, and within network optimising processes to fine-tune network performance. This can help open new revenue streams for operators as they begin to roll out TV and entertainment services.

“Openet provides CSPs with the ability to not only gather insights about their customers, but it provides a means for CSPs to monetize those insights,” commented said Karl Whitelock, global director operations, orchestration, data analysis, and monetization strategy at Stratecast | Frost & Sullivan. “One of the most significant issues facing CSPs today is declining revenues; Openet has provided a way to reverse that trend, through its solutions such as Real-Time Offer Manager and the Openet Audience Measurement Solution. This moves Openet’s business solution innovation for the CSP marketplace to a level matched by only a few.”

“We’re thrilled to have received the Stratecast | Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Award from the Stratecast practice.” said Niall Norton, CEO, Openet. “Our technology and expertise is all about enabling CSPs to not just understand their customers and their preferences, but to also allow them to make money from this unique insight through being able to better engage with their customers.”

Download the full Frost & Sullivan 2015 Stratecast | Global Technology Innovation Award in CSP Billing report here: