Perfecto Mobile Expands Focus to Digital Experience with Wind Tunnel™...

  • Posted by Real Wire
  • October 13, 2015 3:43 PM BST

Perfecto Mobile Expands Focus to Digital Experience with Wind Tunnel™, First Method for End User Experience Testing


Wind Tunnel™ optimizes the process for identifying user experience blind spots


Boston, MA – October 13, 2015 – Perfecto Mobile, the leader in delivering high-quality digital experiences announces Wind Tunnel™. The industry-first solution breaks through the barrier of connecting development teams and their target end-users, allowing them to focus on the precise experience of those users when testing their apps. Wind Tunnel™ optimizes testing for end-user conditions by defining and personifying end-user profiles and by enabling testing across common scenarios such as degraded network conditions, conflicting apps and call interruptions.


Brands are expanding their focus on digital engagement because of the business implications brought on by the explosive popularity of apps as a critical point of engagement with the brand. As a result, brands are improving their quality practices to meet higher user expectations.


“Organizations are shifting their digital strategies to serve the always-connected user,” states Raúl Castañón-Martínez, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Mobility Infrastructure & Services at 451 Research. “Quality is integral to the application lifecycle and continues to grow in importance as digital engagement pushes the industry to think about the entire user experience.”


“When digital engagement becomes central to an enterprise’s business strategy, quality plays a stronger role in success. Poor quality and negative user experiences create avoidable business costs, or worse, cause churn,” states Roi Carmel, Senior Vice President of Product and Strategy, Perfecto. “The first of its kind, Wind Tunnel™ simplifies the process of testing the conditions that often weaken the user experience by allowing Dev/Test teams to adopt the end user’s perspective and release higher-quality apps.”


Wind Tunnel™ transforms Perfecto’s Continuous Quality Lab as the first solution to offer pre-defined user profiles that combine a variety of common test scenarios. Profiles contain test conditions that, if unaccounted for, can affect apps dramatically, including location changes, varying network quality, usage patterns and resource conflicts with background apps. Wind Tunnel™ seamlessly integrates with existing build/test tools and includes new reporting data to understand app behavior.


The Wind Tunnel™ offers developers, Dev/Test teams and executives the following benefits:


  • Efficient and early analysis – Easily correlate mobile events, vitals, network quality and type, and various conditions that influence the end-user experience and learn the impact they have on the end user.
  • No change to existing test scripts or build processes – Apply real user conditions onto existing automated tests using popular orchestration tools such as Jenkins or TestNG.

To learn more about Perfecto Mobile’s Wind Tunnel™, tune into the webinar “5 Keys to a Winning Digital User Experience” taking place on Wednesday, October 14th. To register, visit here: