TU-Automotive: The latest autonomous innovator, Royal Truck & Equipment, speaks at the Connected Fleets USA Conference & Exhibi

September 16: TU-Automotive has just announced that Royal Truck & Equipment, the innovators behind the world’s first autonomous crash truck, will be presenting at this year’s Connected Fleets USA Conference & Exhibition (Atlanta, GA, November 16-17).

The addition of Royal Truck & Equipment to the diverse range of speakers at this year’s Connected Fleets USA highlights the event’s focus on the future of the ever changing connected fleet industry. With data now the core component of the connected fleet industry, it is integral to understand just how the full value of data can be extracted and what sources can be integrated into existing data sets. As well as how data can be protected from hackers. Combine this with new driver management technologies, developments in infrastructure and the hype around autonomy, and it’s not hard to see that the industry is set for radical change. All of which will be addressed at the Connected Fleets USA Conference & Exhibition (Atlanta, GA, November 16-17).

“Royal Truck & Equipment is excited to attend and speak at this year’s Connected Fleets USA Conference as the country’s first distributor of automated work zone vehicles. Our company is committed to continuous improvement, innovative products, and our initiative is to help save lives in our work zones.  We believe this technology will help do just that.” said Robert Roy, President, Royal Truck and Equipment.

He went on to say “Meeting the industry’s world class attendees, brainstorming new ideas, and listening to innovative solutions really excites the Royal team members that will be attending.”

Speakers at this year’s event include MIT, Cummins, Navistar, Leaseplan, Continental and many more.

To see the full speaker line-up click here: http://www.tu-auto.com/fleet/conference-speakers.php

The Challenges Facing the Connected Fleet

The agenda for this year’s event is now available. This year sees the focus on the hottest industry topics such as:

  • Data, Data, Data: Apply advanced mining to traditional data sets e.g. fuel and tyre whilst integrating data from the engine and 3rd party suppliers for increased overall efficiency
  • Cyber Security- Create a Fleet Firewall: From asset tracking to gaining vehicle control, gauge the threat posed by hackers and the role the OEM, TSP and fleet manager play in bringing about a secure framework
  • The Human Element: Exploit the smart device phenomenon with real time driver monitoring and gamification programmes to improve driver productivity and safety whilst exploring future applications  

Check out the agenda so far at: http://www.tu-auto.com/fleet/conference-speakers.php

A $200 discount on delegate passes expires this Friday 25. Register here: http://www.tu-auto.com/fleet/register.php

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