ASPIDER-NGI Mezzanine Round to drive Acquisition

  • Posted by Real Wire
  • August 12, 2015 2:22 PM BST

The Netherlands & Boston: Aug 12, 2015 - ASPIDER-NGI today announced mezzanine funding from Delta Lloyd to support continued growth and acquisitions. ASPIDER-NGI is leveraging this funding to acquire Solavei, a leading social commerce network offering mobile services in North America.

ASPIDER-NGI is a Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) that integrates into the networks of mobile operators such as Vodafone and T-Mobile to deliver the infrastructure and services for alternative brands. ASPIDER-NGI also provides services to the IoT market ('Internet of Things' or 'Machine to Machine'). The future of this IoT market is growing rapidly as the vast number of devices around the world communicate with a wide range of new applications from transport, to health, to home automation.

The ASPIDER-NGI acquisition of Solavei provides a tremendous growth opportunity to leverage the Solavei social commerce platform within its own range of mobile solutions. Instead of spending billions on retail locations and traditional advertising, Solavei rewards its members for sharing the products and services they use every day by providing a social commerce network that enhances its members' social connections. This Solavei-enhanced platform will create a fully managed mobile-service ecosystem that includes the network infrastructure and social engagement.

"The expansion of our services to include Solavei's unique social platform will disrupt the mobile market," said Patrick Meijer, VP Corporate Development at ASPIDER-NGI. "What's so different about Solavei is it has created an entirely new form of distribution for the market of mobile services. This capitalizes on the fast-growing trends of social media, mobile and referral marketing. Selling is becoming more social."

Delta Lloyd Mezzanine Fund is excited about the developments in this market and the opportunities that the acquisition of Solavei entails. "The investment in ASPIDER-NGI fits perfectly with the objectives of the fund. We see tremendous opportunities for growth in this sector and specifically for ASPIDER "said Erwin de Jong, Managing Director of Delta Lloyd Mezzanine Fund. Luis Carrera, Head of M&A for ASPIDER-NGI commented "These deals are accelerating the growth of our existing business, and providing a platform to rapidly enter new markets through technology, territory and channel."