Oil & Gas Big Data Meets Cloud Computing

DALLAS, Sept. 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- OGRE Systems, Inc. announced today the formation of OGRE Data Systems, a big data and analytics cloud computing system for the upstream and midstream oil and gas industry, exclusively distributed by TerraPetro, LLC.

OGRE Systems, Inc. is a resource estimation, reserves economic analysis, and management software company that provides powerful Petroleum Reserves Management Systems (PRMS) to national and international oil and gas companies. With OGRE Data Systems, powerful reserves and economics tools are now available directly from any Internet connected tablet or PC at www.ogr3.com.  It is packaged with lease specific production data, customizable auto-fitted decline curve analysis tools for forward modeling, and a user-friendly interface.

OGRE Data Systems serves oil and gas markets, including financial and credit institutions, oil and gas producers, mineral owners, land management, oil and gas attorneys, auction houses, brokers and investors, county appraisal districts, midstream gathering and processing companies, or anyone else who needs to assess financial risk associated with oil and gas production.

Damian Hutchins, vice president of sales at OGRE Systems, says "OGRE Data Systems has been under development for the past 18 months. We are all very excited to present these robust tools to the industry. It simplifies how business gets done, particularly for these underserved markets."

Greg Hibbard, CEO of TerraPetro, adds "OGRE Systems is on the cutting-edge of technology, and has created a superior platform to ensure reserves management and reporting compliance in this industry. OGR3 is a condensed version of this powerful technology, and is available directly to you on any Internet connected device." 

"Until now oil and gas reserves and economics analysis has been a laborious and expensive undertaking, requiring not only the purchase of third party data, but in-house setup of expensive software to utilize the data, and extensive training. With that eliminated, now you can simply log into an OGR3 account from anywhere and generate your own reserves and financial reports. Anyone with basic oil and gas knowledge can use this subscription-based service. OGR3 cuts time and costs, by up to 80% in most cases.  Now, anyone can evaluate lease specific oil and gas reserves in any produced field in the USA and Canada. Texas, the second largest producer in the country, is available now, with other states and Canada to be added soon."

About OGRE Systems, Inc.
OGRE Systems is a global provider of reserves evaluation and management solutions.  For over three decades OGRE Systems has been recognized as a trusted industry standard by multiple industry segments: small, medium and large independents, majors and super-majors, as well as national oil and gas companies.

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About TerraPetro, LLC
TerraPetro represents a variety of upstream oil and gas technologies including OGRE Data Systems, and NORSAR Innovation's Rock Physics and Seismic Acquisition Modeling Software.

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