U.S Telecom Firm TelcoCuba, Inc. OTCPK: SUGO to Offer Direct Connection with Cuba

MIAMI, June 15, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- TelcoCuba, Inc.  - OTCPK: SUGO.  A U.S. publicly traded telecom and internet solutions provider seeks to offer telecommunication services to and between The United States and Cuba.

"The warming of political and financial ties between the United States and Cuba has created the opportunity of the century.  TelcoCuba, under the first commercial accord realized since the December rapprochement between the two nations is poised to capitalize on the current business climate," TelcoCuba said proudly today.

The United States based TelcoCuba, Inc. reached an agreement with American Mineral Group, Inc. (OTCPK: SUGO) whereby, TelcoCuba, Inc. became the largest shareholder of American Mineral Group, Inc.  Accordingly, the change in direction of the company will accompany the name change of American Mineral Group, Inc. to TelcoCuba, Inc.  Under the new agreement, the board members and directors of American Mineral Group, Inc. have all resigned.  Under the reverse acquisition agreement, the shares of the new entity are available to be purchased electronically, effective immediately.  The ticker symbol will remain the same, "SUGO" currently trading as an OTCPK.

No splits of any classification of share of the company are required under the agreement.

William J Sanchez president and CEO of TelcoCuba states "Effectively immediately, the officers and directors of American Mineral Group/CAERVISON have resigned. We wish them well on their new endeavors." He further states "We are at the forefront of a new frontier in telecom. The Cuban market has a population of 11 Million, 1 in 6 has a communication device.  Cuba is the largest, untapped market in our hemisphere.  Additionally, there are millions of Cuban Americans living in The United States that are seeking lower cost and easier connectivity solutions with the more than 11 million on the Island nation." Mr. Sanchez continues "TelcoCuba under the management of Amgentech has the experience and support needed to connect The United States and Cuba.  Our philosophy for rolling out our services, while conservative is aggressive and positions TelcoCuba to be at the forefront of the opportunities afforded by the rapprochement between the governments of The United States and Cuba."

Further, TelcoCuba states "We have and are in the process of identifying and forming partnerships with reciprocal businesses in Cuba.  This is made possible by the historic announcement on December 17th, 2014 by The U.S. President, Barack Obama and his Cuban counterpart Raul Castro that they would restore diplomatic relations."

"The re-establishment of direct communication between the United States and Cuba will help offer greater ease and quality of communications between the people of both nations," TelcoCuba said in a statement.

TelcoCuba announced that it is working with the office of foreign assets control 31 CFR Part 515 Cuban Assets Control Regulations to file the required license. (OFAC)

For further information and details on the roadmap that TelcoCuba has laid out for the next six months, please go to http://TelcoCubareport.com

About TelcoCuba, Inc.:  Founded in 2001, Amgentech - the parent company of TelcoCuba has been providing telecommunication and internet based solutions and services for over 14 years. Amgentech has generated over 7 million dollars in revenue.  TelcoCuba is launching best of breed communication services including, but not limited to VoIP, Calling Cards and direct SMS messaging in the US and between the US and Cuba.  For more information visit (http://www.TelcoCuba.com & http://pr.TelcoCuba.com)

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