XIUS Awarded Patent for Method of Performing Authentication and Service Translation for MVNOs

XIUS Awarded Patent for Method of Performing Authentication and Service Translation for MVNOs

Massachusetts, USA

XIUS, a leader in delivering innovative, revenue-generating solutions to mobile operators, MVNEs and MVNOs worldwide, announced today the award of its patent pertaining to the method for performing authentication and service translation for Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs). The patented technology is at the core of the company’s Mobile Services Platform (MSP) and has been granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

XIUS Mobile Services Platform is a pre-integrated mobile services enablement platform that supports rapid launch and profitable operation of MVNO voice and data services. MSP combines Core Network, Messaging, OCS, Packet Data Network, Convergent Billing, Real-time Network Provisioning, Business Support and Management systems using sophisticated business logic to enable MVNEs to host MVNOs and deliver new services and grow revenues with optimum investment and operations costs.

With more than a decade of experience in launching MVNE/MVNO services across the globe, XIUS is well positioned to serve MVNEs / MVNOs from commercial, technical and operational perspectives. “The award of our recent MSP patent reiterates our company’s emphasis on innovation”, said G.V. Kumar, CEO of XIUS. “XIUS MSP offers multi-tenant, multi-network and multi-country capability and supports MVNOs across the continuum right from branded resellers to full MVNOs with minimum upfront investments. We strongly believe in ‘we grow as you grow’ approach”.

The high modularity of MSP provides the MVNOs options for picking and choosing only the components needed for achieving the business goals. The scalability of the system to add capacity as required enables MVNEs to onboard MVNOs in a cost effective way. Its virtualized framework provides NFV capabilities and allows MVNOs to launch innovative services quickly and as required by evolving business needs.

Please visit Booth no. 2 at MVNOs Industry Summit LATAM 2015, Mexico on 16-17 June to understand how XIUS Mobile Services Platform enables MVNOs in achieving their objectives. You may set up a meeting at the event by sending an email to contactus@xius.com.

About XIUS

XIUS is a mobile technology specialist focused on real-time transaction processing in Mobile Infrastructure & Services and Mobile Banking & Payments.

With Headquarters in the USA and serving customer across 14 countries across LATAM, XIUS brings together premium technology and outstanding value-added solutions. Over 25 years of telecom expertise is proven by more than 230 deployments and customers that include global Tier 1 mobile operators and MVNOs across 5 continents. The company’s strong belief in innovation reflects in the filing of 120 patent applications, with 34 awarded to date.

XIUS Infrastructure solutions process and manage in excess of 350 million calls a day and the mobile payments solutions manage over $US 1 billion worth of payment transactions monthly.

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