Canadian Telecoms Giant Rogers rolls out radically improved Customer Bills on Brite:Bill's platform

  • Posted by Real Wire
  • June 10, 2015 12:05 PM BST

Light Reading’s Big Telecom Event, Chicago, 10th June 2015, Booth #1004, Brite:Bill today announced that Rogers Communications, Canada’s largest wireless provider is rolling out improved bills using Brite:Bill’s billing communications platform. Through using Brite:Bill, Rogers can fundamentally change how bills are presented to customers. This is part of Rogers’ 2015 strategic focus to accelerate growth and overhaul the customer experience and was announced by CEO Guy Laurence at the company’s AGM in April.

Brite:Bill was selected following a competitive tender process, as the leading billing communications company in the market with the requisite specialist knowledge and technology to deliver such transformative change to billing communications. Billing related issues are a major source for customer dissatisfaction and one of the main drivers of calls to the call-center. It was imperative that Rogers take steps to address billing communication issues.

“We chose Brite:Bill as it enables us to quickly and easily make the transformative changes we need to make to customer bills. Using Brite:Bill we were quickly able to overhaul our approach to bill generation and introduce a modern, progressive billing communications capability allowing us to engage with our customers across every touch-point” commented Chief Customer Officer, Deepak Khandelwal, Rogers Communications. “I strongly believe in innovative ways to improve customer engagement and Brite:Bill gives us a great opportunity to improve customer relationships through open, transparent and personalized bills.”

The Brite:Bill solution uses light touch integration to the core billing system, pulling the billing data and displaying it in easily understood charts, graphs and alerts. A key advantage is that each bill is tailored and personalized for each recipient.

Alan Coleman, Brite:Bill’s CEO said: “Brite:Bill is excited to be part of Rogers strategy to overhaul the customer experience through improved billing. Better billing means improved customer satisfaction and therefore fewer calls to care”.

Brite:Bill’s vision is to develop solutions that look beyond revenue collection alone and towards building and strengthening customer relationships.

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