Prysmian Published Its 2014 Sustainability Report In Compliance With G4 Guidelines

  • Posted by Real Wire
  • May 29, 2015 11:12 AM BST

Materiality Analysis Carried Out Thanks To Collaboration From External And Internal Stakeholders; Code Of Business Conduct And Diversity And Inclusion Policy Adopted; 93% Production Sites Certified ISO14001; 33% Employees Involved In The Stock Ownership Plan.

Milan, 29 May 2015. Prysmian Group, world leader in the energy and telecom cable systems industry, has published its 2014 Sustainability Report in accordance with the new G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines set forth by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). These guidelines call for an increase in the breadth and depth of matters addressed, placing greater emphasis on the matters considered important for the Group and its stakeholders.

With reference to product innovation, Prysmian conducted several projects such as the development of the prototype 400kV cable with the largest copper conductor ever developed by the Group, and further investigated on the P-Laser technology, the first high-performance, eco-sustainable cable for electrical circuits to use recyclable raw materials, in addition to the development of new production processes for optical fibres.

As regards environmental sustainability, Prysmian was committed to reducing energy consumption (-3.2% GJ compared to 2013) and responsibly managing raw materials and waste. In the reporting year, the number of ISO14001 certified production sites increased to 93%, whereas the OHSAS18001 certification was awarded to 59% of plants.

In the social responsibility area, Prysmian organised its first Multi-Stakeholder Engagement event in Milan, focusing on sustainability matters, leading to the definition of commitments and priorities of the company’s external stakeholders. The results achieved through this event and another similar internal survey enabled the Group to carry out its first materiality analysis.

Moreover, Prysmian also forged ahead on the path toward development of its human capital through a strategy aimed to spread a shared common identity, attract individuals of value available on the market, manage talent, and foster an international and multi-cultural working environment. As a further proof to its commitment to meeting the needs of the local communities within which it operates, in 2014 Prysmian updated its policy regarding activities that benefit those communities, with a view to guaranteeing access to energy and telecommunications.

Prysmian also decided to adopt a Code of Business Conduct, which aims at spreading responsible business practices by defining principles of economic, environmental and social responsibility to be applied throughout the entire value chain. In addition, the Group approved a Diversity and Inclusion Policy that states the related international principles applying to all employees.

From the standpoint of economic-financial responsibility, relations with the financial market were particularly intense, involving more than 400 meetings with institutional investors. Furthermore, the Group re-opened the YES (Your Employee Shares) programme, the stock ownership plan which offers employees the possibility to acquire Prysmian shares at discounts, with a view to enhancing their loyalty, engagement, sense of belonging and understanding of the business, making them owners of a small part of the Group in which they work and strengthening the internal perception of such a multifaceted entity as the Prysmian Group as “One Company”. 33% of employees participated in the programme, with about 6,400 investors involved.

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