InfiNet Hails The Success of its 6th International Partner's Conference

  • Posted by Real Wire
  • May 22, 2015 3:29 PM BST

InfiNet Wireless, a leading manufacturer of fixed broadband wireless connectivity, held their sixth International Partner Conference in Malta last month.

The partners within the InfiNet Wireless' network expanded greatly in 2014. It captured new regions of Latin America, Africa, Australia and Europe. The conference took place in Malta this year with more than 100 participants from 35 countries in attendance.

The main purpose of the conference was to create a platform for effective and productive communication within the InfiNet Wireless' partners. It's an opportunity to exchange ideas and experience, along with discussing innovative products with the manufacturers. The schedule of the conference was cleverly crafted to enable participants to be acquainted with the InfiNet Wireless' work results for 2014, the latest development of the equipment and strategic plans for business development.

The partners' presentations of their success stories were demonstrated along with performances of the company staff. Stories explained the setting up of a broadband network at an airport in Turkey, CCTV systems at Penang (Malaysia) and setting up of the bus ducts for broadband operators (Russia), modernization of the technological wireless network at the water area of the largest seaport in Russia, to name but a few.

Within the conference, the best InfiNet Wireless' partners of 2014 were recognised for their special merits in the promotion and selling of InfiNet's equipment in the international market. Companies and certain representatives were nominated for "the best partner of the year", "achievement of the year" and "for a personal contribution to business development".

"It is always a pleasure to present somebody with an award, especially, when they are indeed the best partners. The InfiNet Wireless' success depends on our partners and we do a great deal together. We are very satisfied with the development of our partner network, and hope that our conference will positively reflect the dynamics of our expansion." InfiNet's CEO, Dmitry Okorokov.