Private Cloud Hosting Drives Growth for StratoGen

LONDON, September 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

VMware hosting company StratoGen reports huge growth in private cloud hosting solutions.

StratoGen today reported 145% year on year growth in private cloud hosting as enterprises ditched their onsite infrastructure and its associated headaches. The figures also indicate a growing momentum away from commodity clouds towards private cloud environments which offer better service levels, performance and security.

Last year Gartner forecast a 10x increase in private cloud deployments, which cited speed and agility as the main benefits.

Karl Robinson, UK Sales Director at StratoGen said: "IT managers in 2013 are under constant pressure to achieve ever higher service levels for their businesses. They are simply not prepared to blindly push essential business applications out to commodity clouds which offer little or no guarantees on availability or performance."

High total contract costs with commodity cloud providers has also driven many IT managers to the conclusion that private cloud hosting will be more cost effective.

Organisations are choosing a private cloud strategy because it meets the security and performance requirements that businesses need today. In particular, a hosted cloud enables organisations to make budgets go further by avoiding the high initial costs in terms of investment in skills and hardware.

"I am absolutely delighted with these figures," said Karl Robinson. "This is a great reflection on the work of our engineers who work tirelessly to build and support the very best private clouds in the industry."

Private cloud hosting solutions from StratoGen offer a dedicated VMware cloud platform without having to buy, configure or maintain the underlying infrastructure. StratoGen works closely with its technology partners to provide a one-stop shop, no matter how demanding the business or compliance requirements.

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StratoGen is a leading VMware hosting company with a worldwide client base and award winning cloud platform. StratoGen operates in multiple datacenters across the US, Europe and Asia offering VMware hosting, disaster recovery and associated services. StratoGen hosted VMware products include a 100% uptime service level guarantee.

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