Turkey Cloud Computing Forum

Join us for our Turkey Cloud Computing Forum, 17 June in Istanbul, Turkey. This forum is sponsor by Mellanox Technologies. Register with our Early Bird Fee. An exclusive 20% off on registration for all TELCO Professionals members. Email: monique.bonnick@eelevents.co.uk for your exclusive 20% off.

Following the success of our recent SEE Cloud Computing Forum 2015, EEL Events is bringing its Cloud series to Turkey and is proud to announce the Inaugural Turkey Cloud Computing Forum 2015.

The one day expert Forum will take place in Istanbul, June 2015 and will identify perceptions, expectations and practices of Cloud Computing in the region.


Ministerial Address by:

Furkan Civelek, Department Head, Ministry of Development Information Society Department, Republic of Turkey

Focal Points:

  • Challenges and Opportunities in Turkey
  • How is Turkey progressing in the cloud and what are the barriers to cloud adoption in the country?
  • Legislative struggles in Cloud Computing market development
  • Mitigating the Cloud Security and Privacy Risks
  • Business in the cloud-Customer’s vs Cloud Provider's Perspective
  • What is Right for your Business? Private, Public or Hybrid cloud?
  • Bringing differentiated cloud offerings to Turkey
  • Lessons Learned: Case Studies from business cloud users and cloud providers

Confirmed Speakers Includes:

Furkan Civelek, Department Head, Ministry of Development Information Society Department, Turkey

James Thomson , Principal Analyst, Cullen International, Belgium

Tunç Noyan, CIO, Erdemir Group, Turkey

Orcun Ozalp, Co-Founder, Bulutistan, Turkey

Halil Ozan Ozkok, Enterprise Sales Executive, Alfacom, Turkey

Nilgun Basalp, Professor of Law, Bilgen University, Turkey

Murat Lostar, Turkish Chapter Lead, Cloud Security Alliance, Turkey

Dr Bostjan Makarovic, Founder, Aphaia, United Kingdom

İlay Yılmaz, Partner, ELIG, Attorneys-at-Law, Turkey

Demirhan Sener, COO, Multinet Groupe Cheque Dejeuner, Turkey

Binnur Onaran, CIO, TAV Airports Holding tbc.

Mert Altindag, CEO, Cloud Ararat, Turkey

Begim Başlıgil, Co-Founder, Bulutistan, Turkey

Erez Cohen, Sr. Director, CloudX Program, Mellanox Technologies, Israel

Plus many more…

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