Coreix announces collaboration with Border 6 to launch first of its kind network monitoring solution in the UK

  • Posted by Real Wire
  • May 11, 2015 11:28 AM BST

New BGP monitoring solution to offer customers optimal transit network strategy enhancing performance and availability

London, United Kingdom, 11th May 2015: Coreix has today announced that it has collaborated with Border 6 to deliver a first of its kind superior network monitoring solution to customers which will look to independently audit the BGP internet routing table on behalf of the company. This new service will analyse and monitor network activity and select the most optimal network transit strategy to route traffic enhancing both network availability and performance.

As a leading provider of managed hosting, colocation and network services, Coreix has maintained its 99.998% uptime SLA for over ten years and the new monitoring solution will look to give customers an insight into its network performance. It will also look to provide both engineering and management teams with tangible information that will detect failures and lack of performance on a particular route.

Border 6 are able to identify when ISPs are experiencing packet loss, rerouting traffic around the globe or having router hardware/software problems and subsequently analyse this data using a statistical engine to select the most optimal network transit strategy based on availability, performance and cost for customers.

Commenting on the partnership, Alan Dean, MD of Coreix, said: ‘As an established provider of managed hosting, colocation and network connectivity services, we are delighted to collaborate with Border 6 to offer our customers an optimal network transit solution which will look to eradicate any possibility of downtime on our resilient fibre network.’

He added: “Collaborating with strategic partners such as Border 6 has always been a key priority for Coreix in enabling customers to experience maximum network uptime and we look forward to further enhancing and extending our service portfolio across EMEA and APAC.”

Francois Devienne, Co-founder of Border 6, also commented: ‘We are delighted to partner with such an established London based managed hosting provider such as Coreix to not only extend our service footprint in EMEA, but to provide its customers with a tangible network strategy solution which will look to enable the company to maintain its 99.998% uptime SLA.”

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