British Telecom Al Saudia and Walkbase Cooperate on Retail Analytics

  • Posted by Real Wire
  • May 6, 2015 11:32 AM BST

Analytics and marketing platform for retail stores and airports announces partnership with BT Al Saudia for delivering in-store analytics in five countries

Helsinki - May 6, 2015 - Walkbase, the provider of in-store analytics for retail and airports, and BT Al Saudia, the provider systems integration, network services and subscription cloud services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, today announced they have entered into a partnership for providing in-store analytics for retailers, shopping malls and airports in five countries.

Dale Millar, Managing Director of BT Al Saudia, notes: “With Walkbase’s solution, our retail clients are able to gain rich insights on their customers’ in-store behaviour and conversion patterns. They can engage with their customers through personalised and contextualised messages or ads through smartphones and digital signage.” He continues: “We have tested several solutions and found Walkbase clearly the best in terms of usability and features, positioning accuracy, real-time processing, and robust deployment on hundreds of sites.”

Tuomas Wuoti, CEO of Walkbase, explains: “We have worked with British Telecom Al Saudia for several client deployments. This cooperation is part of our partnership strategy which aims to work with leading providers of in-store technology, managed Wi-Fi, people counting, retail systems, and analytics services in their respective geographical areas.”

Walkbase Analytics enables the high-street “dinosaur” to bite back, by providing retailers, airports and site operators insight into customer conversion, visit patterns and paths, advertising effectiveness, loyalty and customer experience, like queue times. Ultimately by providing location-based analytics in real-time, it enables them to radically improve customer experience, offer more personalised interactions, create a seamless experience between online and offline shopping and enhance brand reputation.

As well as improving customer experience, the platform provides tools for analysing, measuring and optimising the impact of marketing in physical spaces, and linking the online and offline customer journeys together. The insight brings significant value in improving campaign ROI, key conversions, and store layouts. For retailers this means engaging loyal customers with personalised in-store marketing, and turning physical stores into digital advertising spaces.

Walkbase and BT Al Saudia are aiming to deploy Walkbase’s in-store analytics and marketing platform to hundreds of retail stores in the region during the next 12 months.

To underline the partnership, the two companies are demonstrating the solution at a co-branded exhibition site at the Retail Show Middle East, Dubai, May 12-13, 2015.