Diverse Coalition of Telecom Service and Equipment Providers Asks Congress to Restore Certainty to Internet

WASHINGTON, April 29, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Fifteen of the country's top diversity-owned telecommunications suppliers called on Congress today to restore certainty to the broadband Internet market. The companies expressed concern over the potential for economic harm brought by the Federal Communications Commission's imposition of Depression-era regulation on America's most innovative industry.

So-called Title II regulations, which classify broadband Internet as a highly-regulated common carrier service, will cause years of legal and regulatory uncertainty that harms the telecom industry and the consumers who rely on it, they wrote. The companies urged Congress to work together to protect the Internet by tailoring new laws to modern communications, instead of grafting 1930s regulations onto a dynamic 21st century framework.

"Our company specializes in eliminating inefficiencies from telecom supply chains – but the FCC has just introduced the largest inefficiency imaginable," said Trevor Putrah, President of KGP Logistics. "The telecom industry has thrived on permissionless innovation. Now federal regulators plan to second-guess every decision made by Internet service providers, and that's going to slow down infrastructure build-out and hurt companies like KGP. Regulations designed for a 20th century monopoly phone system have no place in today's competitive marketplace. Working with many wireline and wireless broadband providers of all different sizes using a wide array of different technologies, we've seen firsthand how vibrant the telecom marketplace is. There's no need to micromanage the Internet."


SOURCE KGP Logistics