Reverb Networks granted key Multi-Mode SON patent

  • Posted by Real Wire
  • April 27, 2015 2:47 PM BST

Self-optimizing network pioneer adds to substantial intellectual property portfolio with new patent for self-optimization of multi-mode wireless networks 


Sterling, Virginia, 27 April 2015 Self-optimizing network specialist Reverb Networks has extended its already substantial self-optimizing network intellectual property portfolio with the granting of a new patent for control of multi-mode radio access networks.

Self-optimizing networks often work in isolation, optimizing the behavior of just one radio access technology, such as GSM, W-CDMA or LTE. But most modern networks operate multi-mode networks, coordinating across multiple frequencies and radio access technologies. Reverb Networks is the first company to develop technology that solves this problem by coordinating and orchestrating SON activities for multi-mode networks.

"We've clearly seen the shift in requirements away from single threaded network to the de facto standard of multi-mode, and Reverb has once again pioneered the technical solution," said Zoran Kehler, CEO Reverb Networks. "What is really interesting for us is to see how the market has picked up on this idea."

The issue with legacy single technology SON solutions is that one set of algorithms tuned to solve issues on, for example, 3G, will not be able to consider the complete environment, where there are two or three technology layers available. By operating in isolation, such simplistic SON systems create "planes of congestion" that could be better solved through inherent awareness of multi-technology optimization opportunities on other layers.

"This is a crucial SON patent that is quite broad in scope, and covers a lot of practical ground in terms of multi-technology coordination and control. We expect to see several requests for licenses of this technology," continued Kehler. "The risk for networks is that operations using unlicensed IPR may be subject to disruptions or additional costs, impacting both customer perception of network quality and ROI."

This is the tenth patent granted to Reverb Networks for self-optimizing network technology, creating one of the largest independent intellectual property libraries in the SON space.