SpatialBuzz Introduces New Proactive Customer Engagement Features to Enhance its CEM Platform

  • Posted by Real Wire
  • April 23, 2015 12:20 PM BST

Product enhancements enable customers to receive regular network status updates and give feedback to the operator

Guildford, UK: 23 April 2015 – Cloud-based customer experience analytics and service monitoring specialist, SpatialBuzz, today announced the addition of two new customer engagement features to its HDHealth web-based status checker, which forms part of its cloud-based CEM platform. The two features, named ‘Keep Me Posted' and ‘I Disagree,' can be used by a subscriber to respectively monitor and receive alerts associated with a specific network location, and to provide feedback directly to the operator regarding service experience. The features provide the operator with highly valuable data on their customer satisfaction levels and their networks.

"The introduction of these new features affirms our commitment to helping operators expand their customer experience offerings," said Andrew Blake, CTO of SpatialBuzz. "The system can be monitored 24 hours a day, providing an operator's customers with an easy-to-use tool to be able to report or track faults impacting their service in near real-time, thus increasing customer satisfaction levels and helping the operators to significantly improve the efficiency of their network management."

The ‘Keep Me Posted' feature is designed to provide customers with the opt-in choice of receiving regular alerts related to a specific location when it is affected by a network issue. The customer can either choose to be contacted by SMS or email and after a number of periodic updates the customer will also be notified once the fault in question is resolved. Usage data from these new features, including the location, is then mapped within the HDAnalytics+ platform, and can be used by the operator to monitor how long each fault is taking to be resolved by engineering teams, and also to measure the impact it is having on customer satisfaction within each affected location. The feature also allows the operator to directly message a customer who has opted in to Keep Me Posted by the use of a simple graphical interface.

Keep Me Posted can be deployed for both consumer and enterprise segments, and provides operators with a highly effective method for proactively managing customer expectations during times of network change and incident, ensuring a high customer service is guaranteed throughout.

The ‘I Disagree' feature allows the customer to disagree with any positive notification provided by an operator on a location's network status. For example, if a customer experiences network issues in a location where the operator maps that there are no existing faults, the customer can choose to ‘disagree' and provide feedback such as type of issue, frequency, location and the service that is impacted. This feedback is then tracked and visualised in the HDFeedback and HDAnalytics+ functions of the platform, allowing the operator to identify areas where specific issues are impacting a customer's service, such as coverage holes, dropped calls and slow data connections. The operator can then choose to communicate directly with the customer regarding the logged issue via the HDAnalytics+ platform, or instead choose to provide a broader update as and when the issue is resolved.

HDAnalytics+ was launched by SpatialBuzz at the beginning of 2015 as a major enhancement to its existing award-winning platform, and provides targeted insights into the customer experience of subscribers, helping to shape the operator's decisions and actions to improve the customer's service experience.

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