VoixStar Telecom to target the U.S. Market, Mexico and Colombia

MIAMI, April 15, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The newly Telecom company is set to start operations by this coming summer, with headquarters in Florida and operations in 2 other countries.

With full mobile service, VoixStar will be a 360 Solutions Telecom, offering mobile, VOIP services, no PIN prepaid long distance and reloads or top-up for any mobile company in the world.

"Our Vision is to connect people stress free, either with our mobile service or adding air time to the company of their choice in the world. We are committed to provide the best customer service in the business, best prices and a 24/7 commitment to make VoixStar a frustration free Telecom," said George Reynoso Chief Operating Officer of VoixStar Telecom.

Smart communication solutions, combining mobile and VOIP, is the main goal of VoixStar.

VoixStar will start operations in a MVNE, offering full mobile LTE service in the U.S and 4G in Mexico and Colombia.

VoixStar Mexico is also set to start operations at the same time as the U.S. this coming summer. VoixStar appointed Israel Iturbide as President of VoixStar Mexico with headquarters in Mexico City.

In Colombia, VoixStar is schedule to launch their operations in the city of Cali. "We have decided to target the market in this region of Colombia first and start growing in a moderated way, we don't want to compromise great customer service for a fast large volume of subscribers. The same tactics and program of marketing and deployment will be applied in Mexico," Reynoso stated.