A study on customer loyalty programs within the mobile telecom market in Indonesia

LONDON, March 25, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- 1. Introduction
- Industry Trends and Overview
- Main Cellular Operators in Indonesia
- Market Share of Cellular Operators in 2004
- Market share development of cellular operators (1996 – 2004)
- Cellular vs. Fixed Penetration

2. Customer Loyalty Programs within the Mobile Telecom Market in Indonesia
2.1 Telkomsel
- Introduction: Telkomsel
-Customer Acquisition programs
- In 2004, Telkomsel launched HALObebas where customers had the flexibility to choose among different subscription packages
- Various promotional programs were implemented by Telkomsel for its HALObebas program
-Customer Retention programs
- Telkomsel uses Quiz, SMS bonus and prizes to retain its existing customers. There is also HALO Keluarga program for HALO family members as well as a community program for simPati users
-Customer Acquisition & Retention programs
- In 2002, Telkomsel launched HALOkeluarga program ( HALO existing members get new members from their own families ).
- In 2004, Telkomsel launched HALOPOIN loyalty program to attract new customers and to retain its existing customers by offering attractive prizes
- Compared to 2004, it is now easier for HALO users to enter into its lucky draw in 2005. For example, instead of waiting to accumulate 30 points to exchange into 100 free SMS, users can now exchange 10 points and get 25 free SMS.
- simPati: To increase its simPati customer base, Telkomsel launched simPati Hoki in Feb 04. Various programs were rolled out in 2004 to acquire new customers for simPati.
- simPati HOKI and HOKI 25 promotional materials
- To repeat the success of simPati Hoki (Hoki/Hoki 25) program in 2004, Telkomsel has launched simPati 10 Hoki and Panen Poin Hoki simPati in 2005
- simPati 10 Hoki
- Besides simPati Hoki promotional programs, simPati previously has held
- holiday programs as well as having a joint promotion with Coca Cola.
- Kartu As program
- Kartu As promotion programs
- Telkomsel Hari Raya program
- Telkomsel programs for Hari Raya festival
2.2 Indosat
- Introduction : Indosat
-Customer Acquisition programs
- Indosat Customer Acquisition Programs
- Mentari & Matrix Meriah 2002 8th Nov – 31st Dec 02
- Mentari Paket Gemilang Jan – March 04
- Satelindo Mentari & Matrix Independence Day programs
- Satelindo Mentari & Matrix Independence Day program
- IM3 Smart Holiday program
- IM3 Super: Starter package sold at very low price (IDR 20,000) to acquire new customers. Bonus is given when users reload their pulse
- Besides its low price, IM3 used "Super" tagline in its marketing campaign
- For Matrix, Indosat has launched Matrix 9 marketing campaign to acquire new users (April 2004 – Current)
- Following the success of HALObebas campaign, Indosat aims to attract new customers for its postpaid service by launching Matrix Freedom program in April 2005
- Matrix Freedom promotion campaign with IPod as prizes
- Besides tying up with IPod, Matrix also partner with Banks to
- attract new customers
-Customer Retention programs
- Indosat Community Forums
- To retain customers, Mentari offers various prizes (e.g. bonus pulse,
- cars) for those who reload pulse during promotion periods
- Mentari Pulsa Mancing Hadiah (28 Oct 03 - 10 Jan 04)
- Besides offering prizes to motivate users to reload, various SMS quiz and games were held between 02 – 03 in which various prizes are given away
- Similarly, IM3 held Quiz programs in which users stand a chance to win free pulse and cash prizes.
-Customer Acquisition & Retention programs
- For the past two years, Indosat has also released similar promotions in
- which bonus pulse is given to new users. All users are also eligible to
- enter into lucky draw
- Indosat Paket Liburan Mentari and IM3 Holiday
- Indosat Beli Pulsa Kebanjiran Bonus (BPKB)
- Besides programs during Holiday period, one of the key programs held by Indosat is Mudik program which is held during Hari Raya holiday
- Mentari, Matrix and IM3 Lebaran programs Some examples of Mentari and IM3 Paket Mudik marketing communication materials For IM3, Indosat launched various programs such as free pulse and reduced tariff to acquire and retain its customers
2.3 Excelcomindo Pratama
- Introduction : PT Excelcomindo Pratam
-Customer Acquisition programs
- XL Bening Sepanjang Nusantara Campaign and New XL Starter Package
- Bening (Crystal)
- From Pro XL become XL Bebas, a new identity for the mid-end market
- Aug 18, 2004
- XL Jempol new 'low price and' low end' prepaid card launched in Aug 1, 2004
- XL Jempol new 'low price' and low end' prepaid card Aug 1, 2004
- To acquire customers, Excelcom offers various prizes (e.g. bonus pulse, free calls, etc) for those who purchased new starter package during
- promotion period
- Excelcom's marketing and promotional campaign for acquisition new customers
-Customer Retention programs
- To retain customers, Excelcom offers various prizes (e.g. bonus pulse, cars, etc) for those who reload balance (pulse) during promotion period
-Customer Acquisition & Retention programs
- XL Paket Bicara (voice package), Isi Ulang Paket SMS (reload SMS package) & isi ulang reguler (reload regular) June 13, 2005
- XL SAVING Package (XL voice package, reload SMS package, & reload SMS regular) Program
- Xplor Member-Get-Member Program (November 2004 – 2005)
- To acquire and retain customers, Excelcom offers various prizes (e.g. bonus pulse, cars, etc) and also value-added services (free calls, competitive tariffs, etc) during promotion period
2.4 TelkomFlexi
- Introduction : TelkomFlexi
-Customer Acquisition programs
- Flexi Sanex Sensation
- Flexi Nokia
- Flexi Double Hit Bonus
- Flexi Program Virtual Bundling Nokia
- -Customer Retention programs
- Flexi TIC 007 – Discount 30% 24 hours
- Kuis SMS Nonton F1 Bareng Flexi
- Flexi MTV Semau Gue
- Flexi Kuis SMS Flexensasional
-Customer Acquisition & Retention programs
- Flexi Ngomong Berbonus 3 (Three Talking Bonuses Promotion)
- Bundling Flexi Combo – Nokia 6255
- Flexi Gratis Berbulan-bulan (Free for Months)
2.5 Bakrie Telecom
- Introduction : Bakrie Telecom
-Customer Acquisition programs
- Esia Paket Gile Bener (Really Crazy Package)
- Esia-Sanex Bundling Package: Untung Guede, Banjir Hadiah (Great Benefits and Lots of Prizes)
-Customer Retention programs
- Esia Paket Ngerumpi Abiss (Talk Till U Drop Package)
- Esia Program 777
- Esia Serba 125 (All 125 Promotion)
- Esia "Hujan Duit" (Money Rain)
- Esia Nelpon / SMS Gocap (Call or SMS 50)
- Esia Program 888
- Esia Program Super Hemat 1188 (1188 Super Save Program)
-Customer Acquisition & Retention programs
- Rejeki Dahsyat Esia (Awesome Luck From Esia)
- Esia Dapet Temen Dapet Duit (Member Get Member)
2.6 Mobile-8
- Introduction : Mobile-8
-Customer Acquisition programs
- Fren Smart Buy
- Paket FrenSip (FrenSip Package)
- Kejutan Impian Paket FrenSip
- Fren Jumbo Pack a.k.a Paket Gila (Wild Package)
- -Customer Retention programs
- Free Credit for Fren's Pre-paid Subscribers
- Fren MTV Love Movie Special
- Fren Purple Funkee Valentine Quiz
- Fren SLI # 168 Promotional Tariff
- Fren RingGo Promo
- Fren Sepuluh Juta Sehari (10 Millions a Day)
- Fren New Promo Tariff and Extra Credit
-Customer Acquisition & Retention programs
- Fren Xtra

3. Joint promotions with retailers
- M-Rewards "Shop and receive Free Pulse" (or cash back shopping) Program
- M-Rewards: How it works

4. Conclusions

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