CrowdCare To Launch Wysdom 2.0 Self-Care Platform at Mobile World Congress

Latest release pairs real-time device check-up based on thousands of actual customer questions with natural language self-care 

February 25, 2015 (Toronto, ON) - CrowdCare Corporation today announced the release of Wysdom 2.0, featuring the most recent enhancements to CrowdCare’s context-enhanced natural language self-care solution designed to enable service providers to deliver a great support experience for the Internet of Things (IoT).  The Wysdom platform allows wireless operators to deliver an enhanced support experience to subscribers through a mobile app while diverting a large percentage of contacts away from traditional contact centers.

Now with millions of users CrowdCare's Wysdom platform has the scale to provide consumers with personalized answers based on their exact situation.  Using past customer questions as guidance the latest Wysdom app can predict what you’re likely to ask and delivers answers before the question is entered.  This is a new level of convenience and allows customers to avoid calling, chatting or dealing with frustratingly static self-care solutions. 

The proactive check-up in Wysdom 2.0 taps into the ever expanding proprietary Wysdom knowledge base, which means the suggestions are updated in real time and customers won’t be stuck with information that is out of date or irrelevant.  These new features are based on both enhanced Natural Language Processing technology in the Wysdom server and new processes that allow the CrowdCare team to add new articles almost immediately.

“Continuous analysis of a stream of real customer questions is the key to this level of service”, says Ian Collins, CEO and co-founder of CrowdCare, “by listening closely to what customers are actually asking and feeding that back into the system we have the ability to create a check-up that covers service, account, billing and technical questions and is always up to date with the latest issues affecting customers”. 

The Wysdom platform is delivered to wireless operators as a white labelled solution, typically deployed as an enhanced self-care tool within the operator’s MyAccount app.  The Wysdom platform can be hosted in the cloud or deployed locally depending on operator needs.

“By supplementing our Natural Language Processing technology with context from thousands of machine read data points we are able to reach a level of personalization not possible with NLP alone” says Jeff Brunet, President and co-founder of CrowdCare, “putting all this into the hands of customers in the form of a “context aware” self-care app just made perfect sense to us.”

Visit CrowdCare at Mobile World Congress in the Ontario Pavilion located in Hall 7, Stand 7151. 

About CrowdCare

CrowdCare was founded in 2012 by serial entrepreneurs Ian Collins and Jeff Brunet leading a team of wireless industry veterans with the mission to radically improve self-care so customers can get fast, accurate answers about the technology in their lives.  CrowdCare’s Wysdom platform is a context-enhanced natural language self-care solution enabling service providers to deliver a great customer experience while drastically reducing support costs.  By using machine-read data from mobile devices and other sources combined with natural language processing, Wysdom allows customers to ask questions anywhere, anytime and get immediate, relevant answers that are unique to the customer’s device, thus providing real-time context-based self-care for the connected world. CrowdCare has initially deployed this platform to answer the 10 billion annual questions smartphone customers are asking today, with the plan to expand support to all Internet of Things (IoT) devices.  Wysdom is primarily delivered as a white labelled solution but is also available from the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store.  For more information visit: