Intraway launches its remote self-management tool for Wi-Fi modems

  • Posted by Lucas Ledesma
  • January 16, 2015 3:02 PM GMT
The new feature is part of Intraway's Provisioning Suite. It allows users to recover and change passwords, SSID, and manage other options for their Wi-Fi DOCSISĀ® routers on their own.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, January 15, 2015 - Intraway Corporation, a leading provider of software solutions for operations and business support (OSS/BSS) for telecommunications operators and service providers, announces that it has developed a new tool that allows end-users to easily self-manage their Wi-Fi DOCSIS® devices. This solution allows users to change and recover passwords and SSID, and select the Wi-Fi channel, among other capabilities. The add-on is part of the Intraway Provisioning Suite and it provides an API that can be integrated to a self-management website for subscribers.

 This new tool allows operators to offer their customers a solution to their requests to recover passwords and other inquiries related to their home Wi-Fi networks. This decreases the number of calls received by call centers and lowers the cost of managing complaints. Another benefit of this tool is that, once it is implemented, it allows new modem models to be incorporated easily, which is an extra advantage in light of these developments.

 "Password recovery is one of the most frequent requests that customer service representatives receive. Currently, the majority of solutions allow users to change passwords, but do not remind them of a saved password. This represents an important setback for the user, who today has multiple devices connected to the local wireless network. With this new tool, we will help to improve the satisfaction of end-users, who will now have the possibility of recovering their passwords for their home networks by themselves. At the same time, we will reduce the customer service centers' costs associated with this complaint," states Patricio Latini, Senior VP of Broadband Communications at Intraway Corporation.


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