Telzio Steps Up as Robin Hood of Telecom, Calls B/S on Unlimited Plans

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 22, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Telzio attests that the traditional pricing model of telecom providers is not optimal for small businesses. Phone companies like RingCentral/AT&T, Vonage and 8x8 charge a fee for every user a small business has on its phone system, adding up the cost for a growing company. Telzio minimizes the cost of phone systems for small businesses by offering free users. 

Big Telcos market unlimited plans to give users predictability in their phone bills, but are known for having lengthy contracts with hidden language and fees.

"All unlimited plans have a fair use cap that varies by provider. 99% of users don't get near this cap, so they're paying for usage they don't need," says Diana Chu, CEO at Telzio. "We're upfront about free minutes and don't use gimmicks."

"With Telzio there's no ploy with unlimited plans to get you to sign up," says Peter Schroeder, CTO and Founder at Telzio. "You only pay for the phone numbers and minutes you need. Even if you exceed the free minutes in your plan there are no surprises. Minute rates are low and there are no overage penalties."

A recent customer with Telzio, BOND saw 90% in savings by switching to Telzio from 8x8. These cost savings were largely due to eliminating the per-user fees for each of their 30+ employees. BOND now has the flexibility to scale with Telzio.

Historically, companies had to call their service providers for any change to their phone system, requiring technicians, fees and time. Telzio is the first do-it-yourself platform where small businesses can add free users and features to their phone systems with a few clicks on the website.

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Telzio is a small business VoIP solution that's easy to use and scalable. Through Telzio's self-service website, small businesses can customize their phone systems with free features like phone menus, call forwarding, hold music, conference calling, call recording and users. Telzio offers flexible plans for local and toll free numbers from around the world starting at $1/month. Learn more at

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