World-First Demo of Live Open Source Telecom Service

AUSTIN, Texas, Dec. 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Four pioneering companies, Truphone, Canonical, TeleStax, and Metaswitch, demonstrated the world's first live telephone voting service provisioned and launched into operation over the Truphone network. The demonstration occurred live at the Telecom Application Developer Summit (

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"The demonstration shows the time for telecom open source software is now.  The industry is grossly distracted by NFV (Network Function Virtualization), which can be done today using open source software that is specifically written for and proven in the cloud," said Alan Quayle, Founder of TADSummit and TADHack.

The components of the demo included:

  • Metaswitch's open source cloud-based IMS core, Project Clearwater;
  • Telestax's open source cloud-based telecom application server, Restcomm;
  • Canonical's Ubuntu operating system, Juju orchestration tool, and live management dashboard; and
  • Truphone core network, lookups and SMS (via API) and the provisioning of mobile numbers.

As part of the demonstration several ground-breaking aspects were presented:

  • First Industry-wide demo showing traffic routed from a telco into Metaswitch's Project Clearwater, a full cloud-based IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem), backed by a cluster of RestComm Telephony Application Server (TAS) featuring an API exposure layer and service creation environment from TeleStax.
  • Using Ubuntu's cloud OS and Juju charms (orchestration) the open source software is provisioned and live in minutes.
  • An IVR polling application which was querying Truphone HLR to playback information on the caller operator and updating a real time dashboard with location and poll results, and sending an SMS with a voucher.

"The combination of Open Source system components like Project Clearwater and Mobicents/Restcomm offer an extremely powerful and flexible set of tools from which to build solutions that would until recently have cost orders of magnitude more and would have taken months to implement; our combined demo was completed in days," said James Body, Head of Research & Development, Truphone "By hosting the solution within a Ubuntu Telco-grade cloud-based environment it is now possible to make the whole solution both reliable and hugely scaleable." 

The video of the demonstration is available here,

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