Optowiz Plans to Release High-Density 96-CH HD-SFP CWDM BiDi As Fiber Multiplier Transceivers for Existing Fiber-Optic Telecom a

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 1, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Optowiz announced imminent availability of high density bi-directional (BiDi) HD-SFP in six wavelengths (6WL) SFP transceivers at the data transmission speed of up to 6.1Gbps over a one core single-mode fiber.  Making this high density SFP available in the North American markets, Optowiz, based in Korea, is starting its marketing campaign with its USA partner based in Brea, California, according to Optowiz CEO, Dr. KJ Yang.  Yang commented that each 20nm CWDM wavelength is divided for 3 BiDi channel groups, yielding six Tx and Rx channels and that these 6 channels over CWDM wavelengths of 1.6nm spacing each gives effectively a total of 96 (16 times 6) data transmission channels.  The 6WL HD-SFP for single core or double core fiber duplex (Tx on one core and Rx on the other core) has been already marked and deployed in the field.  "The 96-ch HD-SFP for BiDi transmission at the 6.1Gbps will be available at the 1QTR 2015 and Telecordia GR-468-CORE testing was successfully completed," Yang adds.

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The practice of using the deployed fibers sparingly and efficiently to those carriers has been a challenging driver for developing high density SFP transceivers, especially for those who are leasing other carrier's fiber infrastructure. In that vein, Optowiz developed 2WL HD-SFP solution earlier, thereby using lower-band for Tx and higher-band for Rx for each CWDM wavelengths, which made bi-directional data transmission possible over a single fiber without the hindrance of back-reflection and Rayleigh scattering. In the 2WL HD-SFP, the module uses half of the CWDM 20nm spacing as Down link and the other half as Up link, and data rate of up to 6.1Gbps was available.

"Our 6WL HD-SFP is, of course, the outcome of our continuing efforts to design and use fiber more efficiently for any carriers who are seeking solutions for maximizing their existing investment in their fiber infrastructure in the support of Smart Carrier Access Network (SCAN)," according to Mr. Joo-Chul Cho, CTO of Optowiz.  Cho explained that over 10K units of 2WL SFPs were sold to the largest wireless service provider in Korea and that demand for a more efficient 6WL HD-SFP pushed Optowiz in developing one core or two-core (duplex) single mode fiber based multi-rate 96-ch enabling HD-SFP TRx and that this product including the forthcoming HD-SFP BiDi is now available to the North American wireless carriers.  Optowiz is closely working with 1.6nm band Mux and DeMux suppliers, active or passive, that is compatible with these 96-ch high density HD-SFP TRx modules, thereby providing complete components to fiber-optic telecom system company servicing broadband wireless technology solutions to telecom carriers' wireless access network, particularly today's popular SCAN infrastructure.

Leveraging nearly 10 years of solid business record as a key optical fiber communications component supplier in Korea, Optowiz is well positioned to service regional or national wireless carriers in the North Americas that currently lease fibers for greater and more efficient utilization of CWDM-based SCAN service delivery.  Optowiz opened its USA operations office in Brea, capable of delivering timely service for selling these 2WL high density HD-SFP (both at the 3 Gbps and 6 Gbps rate, BiDi) and 6WL high density HD-SFP (both at the 3 Gbps and 6 Gbps rate, BiDi and Duplex) transceivers. For specifications and product availability, please contact Donald Yu at 714.519.4943 or email him. In addition to these innovative HD-SFP TRx modules, Optowiz supplies other active fiber optic modules such as varieties of network taps and mid- to-high end transceivers. 

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Optowiz, launched in 2007 with headquarters in Korea, specializes in developing and manufacturing high performance optical transceivers and telecom sub-system components with particular applications to metro and long-haul transmission, Datacom, CWDM and DWDM.  Optowiz provides customers with top quality and effective low cost products with products ranging from 50Mbps up to 40 Gbps, fully compliant with Fiber Channel (FC), Gigabit Ethernet (GbE), SONET/SDH standards and G-PON for FTTx applications.  For more information, visit http://www.optowiz.com/.

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