Datacloud Awards 2015. Category: Datacentre Industry Leader

  • Posted by Marta Lorenzo
  • November 20, 2014 10:44 AM GMT

Each week between now and the end of December we will be putting the spotlight on each of the 8 Datacloud 2015 Awards, four focus on Cloud and four more on Datacenter achievements.  Hosted in Monaco on the eve of Datacloud Global Congress & Exhibition, 2nd of June 2015.  These prestigious Awards now in their 8th year provide exceptional marketing differentiation for both winners and runners up and are recognized as the premier industry accolade across Europe and internationally.

Category 1: Data Centre Industry Leader

General description:
The judges are seeking to identify an inspiring datacentre industry leader,  with a trend setting spirit. We are looking for nothing less than the number one in our industry. The applicant could be either a company or person.

Key Assessment Criteria:
Quantitative scores out of 5 possible points (5 highest) per criteria

Submissions for this award will be judged on:

  1. Strength of leadership: How has the nominee achieved trend-setter recognition, inspiring the entire datacentre industry?
  2. Ability to execute: What challenges did the nominee face and how did the nominee prepare and steer the path to achieve greatness over the past 12 to 18 months?
  3. Deliverables: What has been achieved in improvements above industry average? Please state this in terms of improvement you´d like to present. Regarding a true leadership recognition, besides the measures you´d like to recognized, you need to provide information about revenue increase, EBITDA increase or enterprise value increase.
  4. Best in class example: How is your implementation a beacon of light for inspiring others? Please add testimonials.

This week we asked Lead Judge of Datacloud Awards 2015Gerd Simon, Independent Consultant, his thoughts on this category and got an insight into how the Judges will be looking at each category and who should be applying.

1. Who should enter for this award & why?    

The company or the person entering for this award will be known as a trend-setter, with marketing flair, commercial success, and significant business growth, uniqueness in approach and leadership spirit. 
Applications by individuals and companies are welcome, because we believe that the award winner deserves the recognition to be the number one in our market.

2. What makes the Datacloud Awards so special? 

These awards are our industry's equivalent of an Oscar, and identifies the winner as an inspiring datacentre industry leader with a trend setting spirit. 

3.  What are you most looking forward to as a judge? 

We are looking for nothing less than the number one in our industry. The achievements justifying the leadership position need to be truly amazing and convincing.

4. Why do you feel industry awards are important to businesses?

Industry awards impact a business and business decisions in particular in many ways.

First of all awards create attention, and then the news about it will spread out like a word-of-mouth-advertisement or a viral marketing campaign. Awards can boost the sales pipeline and business inflow, strengthen relationships with customers and suppliers, attract potential investors even in the near future to ring up and finally increase enterprise value. Awards have an impact on the HR strategy, attracting talents to join and pushing the morale among the existing employees. Awards offer unique situations to build a sustainable team, this is only happening during real success recognised.


If you would like to nominate, visit our website The closing date for 2015 nominations is 31 March 2015. After that date the Judges will not accept any further nominations.