• Posted by Marta Lorenzo
  • November 19, 2014 4:20 PM GMT

Outstanding players in datacentre and cloud are being asked to nominate themselves for the annual Datacloud Awards 2015 which will be presented at a gala ceremony that takes place in Monaco, 2nd June 2015.

Now in its 8th year, the Judges have sought to set the bar even higher for 2015 and are seeking exemplar companies that demonstrate excellence and inviting nominations from service providers and end user organizations across Europe.

As such this year’s categories are designed to reflect changes in markets and technologies, but retain their focus on recognising excellence across the datacentre and cloud sector. Four main Awards will be given for datacentre companies, and four prizes for Cloud. Both datacentre and cloud will hold one prestigious accolade each of Prix européen.

The datacentre categories are: European Datacentre Industry Leader (Prix européen), Datacentre Service Provider, Datacentre End User Innovation and Datacentre Sustainability. Cloud categories include European Cloud Industry Leader (Prix européen), the Datacloud European Cloud Enabler Award: Service Provider, the Enterprise Cloud Award: End User Innovation, and the Cloud Productivity Award: Sustainability and Productivity.

A further accolade, the Judges Award is given at the discretion of the Judges Panel to recognise an individual or organisation or product whose contribution or impact during the prior 12 to 18 months deserves singular recognition.

“I am delighted to announce this year’s launch of the most celebrated and sought after industry Awards which aim to bring to the centre stage the contribution Datacloud will make in shaping the growth of our businesses,” commented Gerd Simon, chairman of the Judges Panel. “This year’s Awards reflect the Big Topics impacting ICT professionals globally and I would encourage nominations from all applicants who are prepared to showcase their outstanding achievements.”

Providing exceptional marketing differentiation for both winners and shortlisted companies, the Awards are highly sought after because of the independence of the panel of Judges, robust scrutiny of nominations, and their relevance to today’s changing conditions in a continually evolving market.

The Awards provide unique stand out against competitors, buy-in from customers and internal team approval and affirmation.

The Awards ceremony and gala reception will take in the spectacular backdrop of Monaco on the evening of 2nd June 2015.