Chestnut Global Partners Announces Worldwide Rollout of Comprehensive Fatigue Management Program Developed by BSS Corporate Psyc

BLOOMINGTON, Ill., Sept. 9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- An estimated 35-40% of Americans have sleeping problems, many of whom show up to the workplace tired, distracted and careless, making employee fatigue and "fit for duty" sleep management programs an increasing business imperative. Chestnut Global Partners (CGP), a provider of culturally aware, outcomes-based employee assistance and wellness programs to companies worldwide, today announced a strategic alliance with BSS Psychology Services (BSS), a provider of corporate psychology services based in Australia, to bring a range of behavioral solutions to the problems of poor sleep, fatigue and shiftwork management.

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The BSS approach to fatigue management is based on assisting individuals to assess their sleep and shiftwork management practices to determine the level and causes of their fatigue. Each individual uses his or her personal profile to develop a personalized fatigue management plan to improve:

  • the quantity and quality of their sleep; and,
  • their alertness and shiftwork management.

Employers and employees benefit from better mental and physical health, reduced risk, fewer accidents and improved productivity. The program has been successfully implemented in a large number of multinational companies in Australia, Africa, South America, New Zealand and Asia since its inception in 1999. Services include: conducting organizational fatigue reviews, roster and work schedule assessments and sleep and shiftwork management education for supervisors and employees. CGP, which currently supports companies and employees in over 140 countries, will roll-out and support culturally-aware versions of BSS' fatigue management and "fit for duty" programs worldwide.

"The growing number of apps for detecting sleep patterns and fatigue demonstrates need for better quality sleep. This is particularly so among employees dealing with increased workloads, high stress level and shiftwork, all of which reduce the amount and quality of sleep," said Russ Hagen, CEO of Chestnut Global Partners. "The BSS fatigue management programs are the most comprehensive, detailed and effective we've ever seen. They go well beyond the information provided by fatigue and sleep detection technologies, enabling participants to identify all the elements that compromise quality sleep - their individual behaviors, workloads and work schedules, even their sleep environment - in order to better manage and improve their sleep. The program is a welcome addition to CGP's employee assistance and wellness toolkit. We expect it to be enthusiastically embraced at the worksites we support around the globe as an investment in the productivity and safety of their employees."

Studies, such as those conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, show that many individuals get less sleep than they require for good health and effective functioning. These include poor concentration and memory, health issues including a less effective immune system and an increased risk of many conditions including depression, diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

"In the sixteen years we've been working with companies in Australasia, Africa, Asia and other parts around the world, we've found that people get used to the problems associated with fatigue and come to believe their lethargy, lack of focus, even 'micro sleeps' are normal," said Peter Simpson, Managing Director of BSS Corporate Psychology Services. "We look forward to working with Chestnut in bringing these programs to the companies and employees they support around the world. We are sure Chestnut's corporate clients will quickly understand the business imperative of a well-rested, safety-minded workforce, especially those with shift-workers and other employees working in hazardous environments. In addition, we have recently developed programs for employees working in professional and office based environments that will allow them to enjoy the immediate and long-term health, personal and work benefits of better quality sleep."


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About BSS Corporate Psychology Services

The BSS group specializes in Fitness for Duty (FFD) consulting and training across Australia and internationally in the areas of alcohol and drugs, fatigue and mental health.

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