Sparks' Market Intelligence Reveals UK Telecom Market Competition Exceptionally Active

LONDON, Sept. 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- ForNova Sparks' review of the UK telecom scene shows that the entire market is under massive pressure from ever-growing competition, both in terms of plans and devices themselves.

"Sparks Market Intelligence analyzes all providers, devices, and tariffs in UK's telecoms market and detects changes, assesses market position and provides essential market trends at a glance," said Nir Dupler, VP Business Development for Market Intelligence at ForNova. "While monitoring the UK telecom market, it rapidly became clear that network carriers and mobile retailers are fighting to stay ahead. More than 1,800 price changes occurred in the last week of July alone."

Developed by ForNova, Sparks Market Intelligence provides timely, industry-specific analytics that help retailers and brands cope with the rapidly changing market and ever-growing competitive threats. Sparks analyzes multiple product, business and market dimensions,  automatically identifying business-critical insights as well as market trends, which is especially essential for fast moving e-commerce niches such as mobile, travel and fashion.

Sparks revealed a more than 25% increase in the number of unique offers in August as compared to the beginning of the year and significant activity in the number of average daily changes in the offerings including upfront pricing and tariffs. A strong shift toward targeting heavy data users occurred, as network carriers are clearly pushing more data deals. August saw an increase of 20% in large and extra-large data 4 Gb deals as compared to April.

To remain competitive, some mobile retailers have decided to provide more value to end consumers by adding subscriptions for services such as Netflix, Spotify, and Sky Sport and granting a wide range of gifts on selected plans rather than drop their prices.

"Sparks delivers the actionable intelligence that provides an essential competitive edge for fast moving, heavily churning industries like mobile. Network carriers and mobile retailers need to know if they need to restructure their packages or how to bundle handsets at a competitive price to both attract new clients and keep old ones happy," concluded Dupler.

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