CCS Unveils Next-Generation Metnet CPE Optimised For Residential Gigabit Fibre Extension

Latest Metnet 60G CPE enhances mmWave Fixed Wireless Access solution, enabling rapid delivery of Gigabit fibre extension to residential and enterprise customers


Latest Metnet 60G CPE enhances mmWave Fixed Wireless Access solution, enabling rapid delivery of Gigabit fibre extension to residential and enterprise customers

Cambridge, UK, May 28 2020 – Cambridge Communication Systems (CCS) Limited today unveils its next-generation Metnet 60G CPE, which is optimised to quickly and easily deliver Gigabit fibre extension services – particularly to meet the pent-up data demands of residential customers.

With this latest version release, CCS’s Metnet 60G mmWave Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) solution enables operators and service providers to rapidly deliver Gigabit virtual fibre services to residential and enterprise customers.

The new Metnet CPE has been cost-optimised to meet the business requirements of broadband providers to compete and complement fibre to the home (FTTH) and fibre to the building (FTTB).  The new CPE extends CCS’s Metnet 60G self-organising 12Gbps mesh access and backhaul nodes, connecting automatically to the Multipoint mesh network to provide virtual fibre connectivity at customer premises in an easy to deploy, small form factor, and low-cost device. Operating in the unlicensed 60GHz band between 57 and 71GHz, Metnet CPEs deliver up to 1Gbps connectivity into home or businesses.  Wall or pole mount options together with PoE ensure Metnet CPEs can be flexibly installed at any location, and electronic beamforming antennas automatically scan and connect to the optimal mesh nodes – resulting in rapid and simple deployment in less than 15 minutes. Metnet SON capabilities deliver advance interference avoidance utilising time, frequency and space diversity to continuously optimise spectral efficiency, traffic routing, performance and radio co-existence – forming flexible self-organising, self-healing networks that deliver higher reliability than Point-to-Multipoint networks.

CCS Executive Chairman Martin Harriman commented: “This latest version of our Metnet 60G CPE enables the delivery of high-performance, high-reliability Gigabit fibre extension services across the widest possible variety of residential and enterprise settings. With this new CPE, CCS is offering a complete mmWave mesh solution that is unmatched in breadth and quality, and which really unlocks the potential for deploying ubiquitous, cost-effective Gigabit Fixed Wireless Access services wherever they are needed.”

CCS Metnet ultra-high capacity 60G product solution consists of 12Gbps multi radio mesh nodes with an all-round multi-radio view, and 1Gbps CPEs to deliver an unrivalled hybrid backhaul and Gigabit fixed wireless access (FWA) solution. Metnet 60G nodes and CPEs connect autonomously to form a flexible mesh network that runs CCS’s advanced self-organising and self-healing SDN software.

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About CCS

CCS (Cambridge Communication Systems) is the creator of Metnet – the world’s first self-organising mmWave mesh for Gigabit backhaul and access applications. From dense urban cities to rural communities, Metnet can be deployed for 4G LTE and 5G small cell backhaul, Enterprise and Residential Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), Smart City, Wi-Fi and CCTV backhaul.

In major live deployments, Metnet is powering networks to mmWave 5G performance – intuitively, scalably, flexibly and cost-effectively. Delivering high capacity, ultra-low latency and ultra-fast deployment, Metnet is optimised for performance edge and multigigabit capacity.

Metnet’s proven capability is trusted at the heart of some of the world’s most demanding and data-heavy networks, including a pre-5G network for Telefonica O2 in London, at the heart of the world’s largest financial centre.

With a unique self-organising mesh solution for enabling 5G – and beyond – CCS’s innovation and vision is delivering connectivity around the world.

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