Rural Health Care Providers Maximize Telecom & Broadband Funding with New Grant Applicant Consulting Services by Solix, Inc.

PARSIPPANY, N.J., July 1, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Health care providers that are eligible for telecommunications or broadband assistance from the federal Rural Health Care (RHC) program and the recently launched Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF) but do not have the resources or experience to manage the application process have a significant new source of support to help attain funding and improve operational efficiencies: Solix Grant Applicant Consulting. This new service is one of several industry-specific consulting practices offered by Solix, Inc., a leading provider of program administration, eligibility determination and grant management to government agencies and businesses throughout the United States.

Solix Grant Applicant Consulting features a roster of specialists with extensive experience in delivering high-quality program eligibility and grant lifecycle management services to government programs and commercial entities since 2001. Now, eligible RHC institutions, including nonprofit hospitals, health clinics and post-secondary medical schools, have access to the unrivaled insight and expertise of Solix to apply for and receive the maximum authorized RHC program funding, including a 65% HCF discount for eligible broadband expenses.  In addition, by utilizing Solix Grant Applicant Consulting, rural health care providers will receive:

  • A full assessment of broadband, Internet and telecommunications costs and an estimate of the monthly savings that will be realized through funding awards.
  • Timely and accurate submission of all forms required to receive program funding.
  • Personalized customer service and accessibility to information throughout the application process.
  • Advanced planning for the annual application process and customer-specific analysis of the impact of new rules or requirements.

"Solix offers considerable and unique value to rural health care providers seeking assistance from the RHC program," said Solix Senior Vice President of Government Programs, Eric Seguin. "Our comprehensive understanding of the program's processes in addition to our commitment to personalized customer service delivers a solution that is unmatched in expertise and quality."

Solix Grant Applicant Consulting helps customers navigate complex application processes to understand program requirements and maximize potential funding.  Backed by the expertise of Solix, customers gain the advantage of the company's unique understanding of intricate regulations and application guidelines.

Solix's expertise in managing highly complex, regulated programs, coupled with customized solutions that deliver efficiency, compliance, and program integrity, have made it a preferred provider for a diverse collection of clients, including those in the public sector, telecommunications, broadband, healthcare, utilities and insurance industries.  Headquartered in New Jersey, Solix also operates facilities in Illinois, Missouri, and Texas.

Please call 888.957.2764 or email for more information about Solix's Grant Applicant Consulting.  Visit the Grant Applicant Consulting and Results and Resources pages on our website to learn more about how we help our customers achieve success.

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Solix, Inc. provides eligibility program management and related consulting services to help government agencies and organizations in telecom, energy, disaster recovery and healthcare get benefits to people who qualify – fast and efficiently. For over a decade, we've delivered smart, compliance-driven solutions that leverage our flexible IT approach, unique program design methodology and deep, consultative expertise to deliver consistent results. Our customers benefit from accurate applicant qualification, program efficiency and comprehensive customer communications.  For more information, visit

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