FatFractal Announces 'Cloud-in-a-Box' Allowing Enterprises to Install Its "Top Rated" Platform-as-a-Service  (PaaS) and Backend-

SAN FRANCISCO, July 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- FatFractal, the industry's most feature-rich platform for mobile and web development, announces its new enterprise offering, game-changing pricing, and the successful conclusion of its public beta. It also announces it has been named the 'leader' in two new independent BaaS evaluation reports.

FatFractal is focused on the needs of developers in all environments, i.e. independent, startup, enterprise or agency. FatFractal's NoServer™ BaaS platform allows developers to leapfrog over repetitive or specialist steps. According to FatFractal CEO, Kevin Nickels, "We've hit the right balance between out-of-the-box services like security, scalability and performance without limiting the developer's ability to do whatever they want."   

We are especially pleased that one of those developers – Cory Wiles – has recognized the superiority of FatFractal's features and functionality in his 'KitchenSync' test-driven, BaaS evaluation project. As Wiles reports, "Based on the test results, FatFractal is the easiest to install and configure, has the smallest footprint, no additional library dependencies, is the most secure, is the only one that offers public API access and local development, and [is able to] interface with multiple backends at the same time. We also recognize FatFractal as the most flexible and least intrusive." For more information, see https://github.com/kwylez/KitchenSync.

"Cory's objective, open-sourced methodology represents a sea-change. We are thrilled the results demonstrate FatFractal's richness and versatility," said Nickels.

The company is also announcing its enterprise offering -- a high-performance platform that enables enterprises to unleash innovation, build applications quickly and easily, action their mobile strategies, and radically reduce their TCO.  Specifically they can:

  • Use the platform for legacy migration, as middleware to integrate new and existing data or applications, as well as greenfield development -- all within a single cloud fabric
  • Develop in a preferred programming language, made possible by FatFractal's polyglot PaaS environment
  • Quickly create mobile apps that leverage the out-of-the box features such as security, scalability and a datagraph that supports complex data relationships and queries
  • Deploy onto public, private clouds or traditional data centers, with turnkey compatibility with open infrastructure stacks (e.g., OpenStack), and radically improve utilization of compute resources
  • Reduce cost-to-serve-up data to apps by 90% and the cost of innovating a new app to nearly zero

This multi-infrastructure deployment is achieved using the FatFractal's Cloud-in-a-Box service that enables enterprises to install the cloud fabric within their own data centers or on any public or private cloud. Cloud-in-a-box works with all FatFractal modules and is an enterprise-grade solution offering security, monitoring, big data analytics, and autoscaling.

The modular, engine-based architecture that underpins FatFractal's versatility also enables its game-changing pricing model. "We are philosophically opposed to charging for the development phase. We work to encourage innovation by creating a no-cost sandbox and when developers are ready for production, the price of our NoServer module is typically 45%-90% lower than buying directly from a IaaS provider," says Nickels.

Nickels went on to add, "The response from developers during our publlc beta was overwhelming. We thank all those who participated for helping us to make the most open, standards-based, versatile, and customizable platform in the industry."

About FatFractal -- FatFractal offers an applications development platform that combines the power of an engine-based PaaS with the elegance and simplicity of a BaaS.  Developers build native apps for mobile, web and any connected device the way they should be built: quickly and efficiently, leveraging native code on the client side and harnessing the power of the backend. Creating engaging apps with a cloud backend takes less time, results in elegant code and developers can deploy them, scale them and manage them at a far lower cost than ever before. For more information, see http://www.fatfractal.com.

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