Broadband Data Visualization Platform Takes on Emerging Asia

HIP Consult's data visualization and analytics platform, InfraNav, has taken on the mapping of broadband and other ICT infrastructure across South & Southeast Asia. Bangladesh was selected as a focus country. Fiber maps, interactive visualization and predictive analytics are now available.

October 2, 2018 - During the past several years, HIP Consult has developed a data visualization and analytics platform called InfraNav, which maps, contextualizes and analyzes broadband and other ICT infrastructure across emerging markets. At its core, InfraNav is the largest global database of broadband infrastructure, which includes hundreds of fiber networks totaling over 4 million terrestrial kilometers across 100 countries, and more than 500 ICT facilities.

Over the course of 2018, HIP Consult has focused on expanding InfraNav’s digital infrastructure dataset footprint to 13 countries across South & Southeast Asia. The firm has selected Bangladesh as a “focus” country in the region. In practice, this means that InfraNav now includes extensive fiber optic coverage, data centers, IXPs, towers, schools and hospitals as well as financial services and power infrastructure, which can be layered with up-to-date, granular socio-economic indicators and advanced analytics for Bangladesh.

More broadly, InfraNav expanded its datasets and enhanced its analytical capabilities across many Asian markets to measure “Fiber Reach”, the percentage of a population living within a specific distance to fiber, as well as how far schools or hospitals are to fiber. Another tool that has been launched for the region is “Investment Optimizer”, which enables the comparison of broadband and fiber investment potential across the region.

Clients utilize InfraNav’s one-of-a-kind datasets and cutting-edge analytics to visualize, plan and monetize networks, as well as to determine where investments or solutions may be best targeted, considering existing connectivity infrastructure and localized socio-economics.

For more information about InfraNav or its coverage of other countries in the region, please visit or contact for a custom demo.