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Recent blog

  • Posted by Deren Akpinar, Marketing Director - Etiya
    20 September - 540 views
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not only going to profoundly change that way in which service providers operate their networks and do business, but it is also going to dramatically change the way they interact with their customers. In fact, using AI to enhance interactions with customers is the sing...
  • Posted by Shashank Venkat, Consultant - Cerillion
    18 September - 706 views
    It is somewhat ironic that Communications Services Providers (CSPs) are struggling with digital transformation, when in reality, their infrastructure is the backbone for other sectors to ramp up their own digital transformation efforts. With change in consumer behaviour prompted by the new breed of ...
  • Posted by Drew Jordan, Solutions Architect, Director - Sigma Systems
    29 August - 1,615 views
    Sigma’s recent experience where we won the right to partner with Liverpool City Council has gotten me thinking a lot about Smart Cities.  Allow me, if you will, to clear out the messy desk drawer of thoughts I have on the subject.   Intelligent versus Smart When we tal...
  • Posted by Ali Durmus, Founding Partner, Executive Committee Member - Etiya
    29 August - 6,792 views
    Fraud is, unfortunately, still rife throughout the telecommunications industry, and has previously proved remarkably resistant to efforts to stamp it out.  Indeed, the TM Forum says fraud remains one of the most significant threats to operator margins and security today, noting that fraud at...
  • Posted by Aaron Boasman - Patel, Vice President, AI & Customer Experience - TM Forum
    28 August - 1,714 views
    A study from Oracle and Future Workplace shows that 93% of people would trust orders from a robot at work, while all the respondents agreed that artificial intelligence (AI) will have a positive impact on their organizations. This comes on the heels of my last blog, in which I discussed w...

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    Quortus strengthens Executive Board with new CEO for future growth
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    CITIC Telecom CPC X TutorABC Collaborating for New Milestone in Global Education Digitalization
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  • . .TC3 Summit 2018: Register today for #TC3Summit: fees increase 9/23! 15% discount with code Telco1518. With content focused on our #Network, #ComTech #IoT & #Automotive verticals personal #introductions & delegate-led #roundtables we pack a lot of value into just 2 days.
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    Registration Officially Opens for 3rd Annual Network Centric Warfare Conference
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