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Recent blog

  • Posted by Mounir Ladki, President and CTO - MYCOM OSI
    Wed at 13:23 - 570 views
    In May 2018, TM Forum held their annual flagship conference, Digital Transformation World (DTW), in Nice, France. This leading industry event was a rich and inspiring gathering of industry experts and CIOs/CTOs exchanging visionary ideas and sharing experiences about the latest advancement in our in...
  • Posted by Oguzhan Kivrak, Mobile Apps and Chatbot Product Manager - Etiya
    6 July - 516 views
    In the last few years chatbots have emerged as a must-have complementary element of an operator’s customer service centre or call centre — and in some cases, they are even replacing more traditional methods of customer support. Certainly, chatbots can be applied in various ways within...
  • Posted by Aaron Boasman - Patel, Vice President, AI & Customer Experience - TM Forum
    4 July - 423 views
    There has been a lot of scaremongering about how many jobs will be lost due to artificial intelligence (AI) as well as how robots will control the world and man versus machine. This sounds very reminiscent of the Luddite movement of the 19thcentury, but the fear is unfounded now, just as it was then...
  • Posted by Moataz Wahba, Regional Sales Director - MEA - Etiya
    3 July - 588 views
    Digital transformation is gaining momentum in Africa and the Middle East (MEA), becoming an imperative for businesses in every industry as they seek to build a sustainable future. Within the context of this huge shift, artificial intelligence — still a relatively nascent area in the region &md...
  • Posted by Drew Jordan, Solutions Architect, Director - Sigma Systems
    2 July - 449 views
    I have had my first chance to visit Liverpool a couple of weeks ago.  I’ve been to Manchester, Preston and even Blackpool (several times, in fact) but never Liverpool. I did not visit just to go to find Penny Lane or snap photos in front of The Cavern Club. I was there do something a bit...

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    Exprivia|Italtel Present 2018-2023 Strategic Plan
    • Fri at 16:19
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    Connected Insurance USA Summit
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    Connected Claims Europe
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    British Army, DE&S, Norwegian Army and Royal Netherlands Army to Showcase Land Safety Priorities this October in London
    • Tue at 16:55
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    • Tue at 12:11
  • Real Wire
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    CITIC Telecom CPC Boosts European Business Networks with Unique SD-WAN Offering
    • Tue at 10:50
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    Dedicated Active Protection Systems Focus Day hosted alongside 4th annual Future Armoured Vehicles Survivability Conference
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