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Recent blog

  • Posted by Andrew Baldock, Product Marketing Manager - MYCOM OSI
    20 December 2018 - 2,797 views
    The annual GSMA Mobile Economy Europe paints a mixed picture for CSPs, with continuing consolidation helping to stabilize the competitive landscape, but saturation in B2C pointing to slow growth in traditional revenue streams. The silver lining however, is a faster than expected adoption of 5G and a...
  • Posted by Stephen Krajewski, Director Product Marketing - Sigma Systems
    12 October 2018 - 6,684 views
    With no killer app in sight, success depends on driving revenue from a next wave of short-lived consumable products and services.   It’s not news that service providers are looking at ways to diversify their offerings and access new sources of revenue to bolster their business performan...
  • Posted by Deren Akpinar, Marketing Director - Etiya
    20 September 2018 - 7,425 views
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not only going to profoundly change that way in which service providers operate their networks and do business, but it is also going to dramatically change the way they interact with their customers. In fact, using AI to enhance interactions with customers is the sing...
  • Posted by Shashank Venkat, Consultant - Cerillion
    18 September 2018 - 7,169 views
    It is somewhat ironic that Communications Services Providers (CSPs) are struggling with digital transformation, when in reality, their infrastructure is the backbone for other sectors to ramp up their own digital transformation efforts. With change in consumer behaviour prompted by the new breed of ...
  • Posted by Drew Jordan, Solutions Architect, Director - Sigma Systems
    29 August 2018 - 7,701 views
    Sigma’s recent experience where we won the right to partner with Liverpool City Council has gotten me thinking a lot about Smart Cities.  Allow me, if you will, to clear out the messy desk drawer of thoughts I have on the subject.   Intelligent versus Smart When we tal...

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