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4G Enablers - OFDM, MIMO, Software Defined Radios, More: For Technical Audiences (Course W-ENB)

11/5/09 10:00 AM - 11/5/09 12:45 PM
HostEogogics, Inc.
This half-day course, taught live on the World Wide Web with two-way interactivity, is aimed at technically savvy audiences with prior exposure to UMTS and HSPA technologies.<br /><br />We will begin by reviewing the standards work in progress across various national and international groups such as the ITE, 3GPP, IEEE, and ITU. We will discuss the technologies that are among the main building blocks of the 4G wireless systems. Included are HSPA+, OFDM, advanced antenna systems, MIMO, adaptive modulation and coding, all IP networks, and software defined radios. We will also take a look at prototype systems such as WIBro. You will go away with an overview of the technological forces that are shaping the emerging 4G technologies.<br /><br />Date and Time: Nov. 5, 2009 from 11 AM-1:45 PM (US Eastern Time)<br /><br />Cost: $295 (seats are limited, sign up now).<br /><br />Eogogics, Inc.
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