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Submarine Network World 2009

9/1/09 8:14 AM - 9/3/09 11:14 PM
A global telecommunications infrastructure event!<br /><br />Don't miss out on your chance to be involved in the 12th annual event - find out more today!<br /><br />For delegates<br />Submarine Networks World 2009 is a CEO level, an interactive and established global infrastructure conference where the global submarine cable community gathers first-hand information on the latest developments on the network connectivity and evaluates commercial and strategic implications of global networking requirements.<br /><br />It is a one-stop networking event in Asia designed for fostering long standing relationships with global players of submarine cable community and for gaining insights on changing business models of carriers and infrastructure owners.<br /><br />In its 12th year, it will provide attendees with even more insights about medium and long term developments, commercial and strategic implications of regional and global networking requirements.<br /><br />Visit<br />
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