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NextGen Networks (NGN) Explained: For All Audiences (Course N-NGN)

10/21/09 1:15 PM - 10/21/09 4:00 PM
HostEogogics, Inc.
This three-hour course, taught live on the World Wide Web with two-way interactivity, is aimed at all who need a quick, “technical light” introduction to Next Generation Networks (NGN).<br /><br />You will learn that NGN means many different things. We will look at them from the perspective of traditional carriers, service providers, managed service providers, and end-user organizations. The course will help you acquire a multi-faceted view of NGN’s while understanding how they are evolving and how your own job fits into that evolution. We will allot plenty of time for questions/answers, discussion, and audience polls to capitalize on the interactivity offered by the WebLive™ system.<br /><br />Date and Time: Oct. 21, 2009 from 2:15 PM-5 PM (US Eastern Time)<br /><br />Cost: $295 (seats are limited, sign up now).<br /><br />Eogogics, Inc.
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