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Frost & Sullivan Vietnam Telecoms Growth Forum 2009

9/23/09 11:47 AM - 9/24/09 12:47 PM
HostFrost & Sullivan
VenueIntercontinental Hanoi Westlake, Vietnam
Vietnam is one of the largest & fastest growing telecommunications markets in the Asia Pacifi c region and offers tremendous potential, given its low penetration rates for mobile & broadband communications. And this high-growth trend is expected to continue driven by on-going market de-regulation, sustained upgrading of the ICT infrastructure, equitization (part-privatization) of government-owned telecom entities, 2G coverage expansion, 3G deployments and an initial rollout of WiMAX<br /><br />On top of this, Vietnam’s membership in the World Trade Organization (WTO), which took effect in January 2007, promises to open up the local telecoms market even further and gradually create new opportunities for investors especially when it comes to developing it for international integration.<br /><br />However, despite the rosy outlook, the Telecoms Industry in Vietnam also faces challenges. Operators in Vietnam not only have to contend with increasing price competition but also heavy CAPEX spending and incessantly falling ARPU. Other competitive challenges include establishing a strong brand identity, improving network quality & coverage and expanding the breadth of value-added services.<br /><br />Frost & Sullivan’s inaugural Vietnam Telecoms Growth Forum 2009 will bring together stakeholders in the Telecoms Industry,<br />in particular, those with an eye on Vietnam, to network & share their experience and discuss & showcase the opportunities<br />and challenges in this emerging, high-growth market. It promises a program that is not only informative and interactive but one designed to provide a holistic view of the telecoms market in Vietnam, for a more meaningful learning experience for all delegates.
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