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Telecoms Customer Segmentation & Intelligence

11/23/09 10:41 AM - 11/25/09 11:41 AM
VenueHilton Kensington, London, United Kingdom
23rd – 25th November 2009<br />Hilton Kensington, London, United Kingdom<br /><br /><br />As the recession bites, how can you use your segmentation tools and strategies to establish what your customers want today and use your marketing to deliver valuable propositions that address their needs?<br /><br />IIR’s 2009 eleventh annual Customer Segmentation & Intelligence conference will establish what data; techniques and models operators should use to ensure meaningful and actionable segmentation. Attendees will also debate how to effectively use customer segmentation and intelligence to maximise revenue generation, customer retention and market share.<br /><br />Key themes to be addressed will include:<br />- How should you modify your segmentation models and strategy to meet the changing needs and values of your customers in the recession?<br />- How can you acquire accurate and meaningful data from your customers to carry out cost-effective segmentation?<br />- What criteria should you use in your segmentation strategy; should it now be based on customer needs, attitudes and experience?<br /><br />For more information and to see a list of speakers please visit
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