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Telecoms World Eurasia 2009

11/23/09 9:29 PM - 11/25/09 10:29 PM
VenueCeylan Intercontinental, Istanbul, Turkey
Determining the future of the Eurasian telecommunications sector in volatile times<br />Covering Turkey, the Caspians nations, the Balkans and Central Asia, Eurasia is a massive market with huge population, underdeveloped infrastructure and a lot of potential.<br /><br />The Eurasian region is one of the largest and most underdeveloped in the world, with tremendous opportunities for global operators, carriers and investors to meet the huge demand for an expansion of infrastructure and services.<br /><br />The region’s central geo-political between Asia, Europe and the Middle East make it a crucial hub in global telecommunications, and ongoing privatisation across the region means that opportunities abound to cement your place in these emerging markets.<br /><br />Visit
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