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Green Basestations Summit Americas 2009

11/18/09 12:08 AM - 11/19/09 1:08 AM
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As the 'Green Agenda' builds momentum among operators worldwide, the Green Basestations Summit USA examines the technologies and options available to ensure the business case for going green is met.<br /><br />Operators and vendors will share their experiences on trials and deployments, from Energy Efficiency through to Renewable Power in both the Rural and Urban environment as companies seek to reduce CO2 emissions from their mobile networks. Leading industry analysts will give an in depth study of the entire Green Basestation industry and the direction in which it is heading.<br /><br />The Green Basestations Summit USA is a chance to meet, discuss and share ideas and strategies for implementing sustainable Basestations, with senior management and thought leaders within the Operator and Vendor communities.<br /><br />Visit
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