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Telecoms Revenue Assurance Summit Middle East 2009

11/7/09 11:40 PM - 11/11/09 12:40 AM
VenueTaj Palace Hotel, Dubai, UAE
Effectively managing the integrity and efficiency of revenue chain strategies and processes<br />An average of industry estimates indicated that losses due to revenue leakages amount to the equivalent of 3% to 8% of total revenues, and sometimes reach as high as 15%<br /><br />Recently emerging technologies, products, services and business models in the Middle East telecoms sector, have been building the pressure to re-examine and re-evaluate billing and revenue assurance capabilities to insure efficient collection of revenue. In the current global economic downturn, companies simply can’t afford to leak money and must focus on maximising the efficiency of current systems and procedures.<br /><br />By attending Telecoms Revenue Assurance Summit Middle East 2009, you will become part of an exclusive team of telecommunication industry leaders and be able to effectively manage the integrity of revenues streams to minimise revenue leakage and gain competitive advantage. This is a vital opportunity to discuss today’s major challenges and issues, from examinination of end-to-end revenue assurance programmes and introduction of new revenue management and billing systems to effcient systems integration within billing and revenue assurance functions.<br /><br />Visit<br />
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